View Full Version : certain group can pm member who cant pm

27 Sep 2005, 17:33
Hi looking for a hack that where a certain user group pms a user who has no pm privlages,they can reply to the sender

basicaly i have newbie group who hav no pms due to spam

and i want my premium group to be able to pm anyone in the non pm group,so basicaly if a member in non pm group gets pmed they can reply,but they canot send pms 1st

27 Sep 2005, 21:58
Good idea, but consider forcing newbies to enable 'email to user' for contact info rather than this.

28 Sep 2005, 00:49
i rather newbies not hav a way of contacting anyone only by post
i want admins to be able to pm them and them be able to reply but not able to send pm to any other group