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09 Oct 2005, 14:58
If There's Intrest In My Streaming Real Media Module For The CMPS and Vbulletin Written By Magical1@MagicalSoftware I Will Post The Template And Other Code Here And At VBadvanced

Real Media Streaming Portal For Vbulletin
log-out and log-in to see full effect

Video will play in Vbulletin (Vbadvanced) Portal & Real Media Players 10.5 With Harmoney Giving The Best Theather Video & Sound With Great Compression Meaning Better File Sizes For Both Streaming And Storing Video Information I Highly Recommend There Encoders Version 10........

09 Oct 2005, 15:21
this forum is for other discussions than codes... i would suggest you to go above here and look at the Code Modifications of the vrsoin you refer too...