View Full Version : Sportsoutlaw.com, tell me what you think.

30 Oct 2005, 02:18

I finally upgraded to 3.5.0 a couple weeks ago, thanks to ogden2k. I am thanking him because he did the entire upgrade, converting my style over from 3.0.7.

I have the online today hack installed, along with one other plug in, but that is all for now. Let me know what you think of the site, and ideas that you would recommend for adding on and helping the place to grow.

30 Oct 2005, 03:04
The non-football forums still have NFL-everything everywhere. Having decorations specific to each sport might be better.

Tony G
30 Oct 2005, 03:15
Could do with a better header that matches your colour scheme a bit more. And the category image needs to be a bit more bigger in width as the collapse icon is almost above the actual image.