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vBulletin 5.4.0 Alpha 1 is now available.

vBulletin 5.4.0 Alpha 1 is now available for all licensed customers. This is a pre-release version for testing and evaluation purposes.

Sprite-Based Images.
The sprite for most icons used in a vBulletin Style has been converted to the SVG Image Format and stored as a template in the Style System.
Advantages of SVGVector Images - They should work equally well at different screen sizes without the need for multiple image files.
As a vBulletin Administrator, you can change the colors of the icons to match your Style using Style Variables.
Each image has a unique CSS ID to enable customization.
Since the SVG image format is XML, you can update them with any compatible SVG Editor..
Better handling of LTR and RTL icons.

New Templates
The SVG image sprites are stored in new templates. These templates are found within the Sprite Image template group. Additionally, a new CSS template has been added to hold customizations to the Sprite Image. It is called css_icon_sprite.css. It will be blank in newly created styles without a parent.

New Style Variables
There are a total of 25 new Style Variables added to the system. These control the SVG Colors and are named after the color they represent in the default sprite. You can see these variables in "Icon Colors" variable group. When testing the changes to the colors of your sprite, you can load it by pointing your browser to:

Note: Code Cannot Be Viewed on the Portal

XX would be the ID of your style. The style ID can be viewed by hovering over the style name in the Style Manager. It will be shown in the status bar of your browser. Since colors are controlled by CSS, a hard refresh in the browser will be needed to view them.

Style Sharing for vBulletin Cloud
Styles with changes to the style variables and text-only templates can be imported into Cloud account once they are running vBulletin 5.4.0.

Style Variable Group Export
When editing style variables, you can export a style variable group as a Style XML file. These can then be merged into other styles by importing the XML file. This functionality was added to allow the sharing of customizations to the SVG colors, buttons, modules, toolbars, etc...

Tabbed Navigation
The way vBulletin chooses which tab to highlight is based on the URL used by the page. In previous versions, this only handled a few distinct URLs. Previously, tab highlighting didn't work on custom pages or "sub-pages" all the time. There can also be problems if you change the default page of your vBulletin Site.

The system has been updated to handle these issues. Now the system allows you to highlight tabs and their sub-navigation on custom pages. To do this, the URL of your pages should match these formats: /custompage - highlights the tab assigned to this URL. The appropriate sub-navigation will appear as well.
/custompage/subpage - looks for a tab assigned to this URL. If one is not found, the system will highlight the tab assigned to the parent "/custompage." If one is found, it will highlight the tab and show the appropriate sub-navigation.

Google reCAPTCHA
Google has announced that reCAPTCHA version 1 will be shut down on March 31, 2018. We encourage people who are still using it to upgrade to reCAPTCHA version 2 ( as soon as possible. reCAPTCHA version 1 will be removed from vBulletin starting in the 5.4.0 release.

Group Channel Permissions
Most Usergroup Permissions for Group Channels have been removed. These permission fields were in place for special handling and were carried over from vBulletin 4.X. Unfortunately, they allowed inappropriate behavior to be possible. These permissions will be handled by Channel Permissions. This change will provide consistent behavior with all channel types. Please review your Channel Permissions after upgrading your site. You can view Channel Permissions in the AdminCP under Channel Management -> Channel Permissions.

Other IssuesPagination has been fixed in blogs and notifications.
The photo tab in Forums and the Profile Media tab should have proper pagination again.
An option to turn off Facebook OpenGraph tags has been added to the system.
Post Edit History now works on PHP 7+
All resolved issues can be found here (

Unused Tables
The following tables will be deleted from your database during the upgrade to 5.4.0:action

System Requirements
Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.8

Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

Current Version Support ScheduleActive Version - 5.3.4
Security Patch - 5.3.3
Security Patch - 5.3.2
No Patch Release - 5.3.1 or earlier.

If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: 4384410

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Mon, 08 Jan 2018 22:37:25 GMT

Security Patch Released for vBulletin 5.3.2, 5.3.3, and 5.3.4

Two potential issues have been identified in vBulletin 5.3.2 and higher. The first affects the template rendering functionality and could lead to arbitrary file deletion. The second allows the possibility of remote file inclusion via the legacy routing system on Windows servers. We have applied fixes for these issues. It is recommended that you apply this patch as soon as possible. To do so, download the patch for your version from and upload the files to your server. Overwrite the existing files with the new ones. If you have not upgraded to 5.3.4 yet, it is recommended that you do a full upgrade to vBulletin 5.3.4 Patch Level 1.

The Security Patch can be downloaded at

Patches Released:
vBulletin 5.3.4 Patch Level 1
vBulletin 5.3.3 Patch Level 1
vBulletin 5.3.2 Patch Level 2

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Tue, 19 Dec 2017 22:19:07 GMT

vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.1.8 Released

vBulletin Mobile 1.18 is now available to all customers. To obtain the new build, you need to visit the Mobile Publisher in your Member's Area. Rebuild your apps to apply the changes. This new version includes new features and bug fixes.

Event support for sites running vBulletin 5.3.4 and higher has been added. Users will be able to export calendar events into their device's calendar app.

User Banning
Administrators and Moderators can now ban troublesome users directly from the App. This should allow you to maintain your site better while on the go.

Automatic Logout
All users will need to log into your app again after the update is applied.

[VBA-739] - Allow moderator & admin users to block others in app
[VBA-717] - Calendar
[VBA-740] - Force logout upon 1.18 upgrade

[VBI-1403] - Profile - Skype displays as "Skype™"
[VBI-1413] - Calendar option should not be available on vB3&4 app's Main menu
[VBI-1353] - Calendar
[VBI-1407] - Allow moderator & admin users to block others in app (Apple Requirement)
[VBI-1409] - Force logout upon 1.18 upgrade

Mobile Publisher
[VBMP-426] - Build completion email is not sent
[VBMP-428] - Wrong test user message should be explicit

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Thu, 07 Dec 2017 15:28:03 GMT

Google ReCaptcha

Google has announced that Recaptcha version 1 will be shut down on March 31, 2018. We encourage people who are still using it to upgrade to Recaptcha version 2 ( as soon as possible. Recaptcha version 1 will be removed from vBulletin starting in the 5.3.5 release.

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Sat, 02 Dec 2017 03:39:55 GMT

vBulletin 5.3.4 Connect is now available.

vBulletin 5.3.4 Connect packs a lot of changes in a smaller package. In addition to resolving many issues reported by customers, the following enhancements have been added to the software.

A Smaller Download Package
A number of unused font files have been removed from the download package. This change removes approximately 10 Megabytes from the size of the download package. This will save time in uploading the new version as well as storage space on the server if you delete the unused files. The easiest way to delete the unused font files is to delete the [dfn='This is the directory where you installed vBulletin. Example: /public_html/forums']vbulletin_root[/dfn]/fonts directory on your server before uploading the new version.

Site BuilderThe Site Builder menu has been reworked and separated from the User Menu. Now it will appear on top of the entire page. This will allow the menu to be used at more resolutions without wrapping. When one of the Site Builder panels is active on the screen, the User Menu will no longer be shown on the screen.

Administrators can now set permissions to restrict the viewing of modules to specific usergroups. This is handled in the configuration of individual modules.

EventsGoogle Map for event locations. When entering a landmark name or address as the event location the system will give the option to embed a Google Map for users. Maps can be previewed before saving the event. This feature requires an API Key from Google. (
Events that span the end of the month will properly appear in the Calendar module.
ResponsiveThe Subscription Page has been updated so that it works properly in Responsive.
Sorting on the Member's List is now easier to use within Responsive.
PerformanceUpdated the handling of the searchlog table in order to control its size. This will help prevent performance issues with building pages and creating new content.
Added an external file that allows the running of Scheduled Tasks via the server's cron/scheduled task system. This will allow separation of these tasks from the web server.

SearchSearch has been refactored so that results will reflect recent activity more accurately.
The name of the channel that contains the search result has been added to search result pages.
SphinxSearch -Due to field changes, 5.3.4 will require that sphinx users update their sphinx config and rebuild their indexes.

PHP Compatibility
The software has been updated to be compatible with PHP 7.2.0. If you are planning on using the PHP 7.2.X branch, you must use PHP 7.2.0 RC5 or higher to mitigate a bug with PHP's opcache library.

Mobile Suite
vBulletin can now send Event Lists and Calendar information to the Mobile Apps. Mobile Apps will support this in the next version of the Mobile Suite.

We've added several lines to the .htaccess file to prevent specific types of files from being accessed directly. This is based on file name matching and includes .bak, .zip, .sql, .gz, .tar and others. If you have modified your .htaccess file, you can compare your file with the new file to add the changes manually. Please note, this doesn't affect attachments stored in the file system. We access these files through the vBulletin system and they are not accessed directly. If your Attachment directory is within your web_root directory, then you should block web access via the server.

OtherOpen Graph meta tags have been added.
Resolved an issue that prevented moving posts to an existing topic.
Resolved an issue that prevented access to the install/upgrade system if the database credentials were incorrect.
Debug information viewed by guest users will no longer be cached.
Several obsolete settings have been removed from the AdminCP.
Updated RSS Imports in order to provide better support of some URL formats.
The dimensions for uploading images have been updated in the /core/includes/config.php file.
Merging users with votes on polls will retain the destination user's votes.
See the full list of issues here:
System Requirements
Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

Current Version Support ScheduleActive Version - 5.3.4
Security Patch - 5.3.3
Security Patch - 5.3.2
No Patch Release - 5.3.1 or earlier.

If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: 4379200

Note: Cloud Sites will be upgraded automatically after the release of the software. Customers will be emailed a notice about their upgrade schedule.

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Wed, 15 Nov 2017 22:21:58 GMT

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