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vBulletin 5.3.3 Alpha is now available.

vBulletin 5.3.3 Alpha is now available to all licensed customers. This is a pre-release or testing version of the software. We encourage you to install this software on your Test Servers. Pre-release versions of the software are not recommended for Production Servers.

New Modules
Trending Topics Module
We've added a new module that shows trending topics. Trending topics are the topics receiving activity on your site. These topics have replies created over the last 96 hours (configurable) and are at least 4 hours old (configurable). Based on vBulletin 5's standard search module, this module can provide an easy way to provide your users with a look at your active content and encourage participation.

Friend's Activity Module
Another new module is the friend's activity module. Showing people what their friends are up to will encourage participation on the site. This is a great module to add to a custom page or to replace the Latest Topics module.

Share to Social Networks
In vBulletin 5.3.3, users can easily share content to Facebook and Twitter. Each Article, Topic, Blog Entry and Group Discussion can be shared to Facebook and Twitter through a simple click or tap while being viewed. This will allow your end users to share your content and encourage others to visit. Want to share to other social networks? The system is easily expandable to include more options using the vBulletin 5 Template Hook system.

Push Notification Enhancements
We have enhanced the Push Notification API to handle subscriptions, topic replies and reported posts. These will be added to an upcoming version of the Mobile Suite.

Other IssuesMember's List has been updated to work better with Responsive
The default filter of a module can be set to events now.
Menus now behave properly on iOS.
Edited posts are now properly checked against anti-spam tools.
Site Builder should work on Touch Enabled Devices such as Tablets.
Error Handling has been improved in several areas of the application.
System Requirements
Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

Current Version Support Schedule:Active Version - 5.3.2
Security Patch - 5.3.1
Security Patch - 5.3.0
No Patch Release - 5.2.6 or earlier.

If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: 4375980

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Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:02:12 GMT

New Moderators.

Welcome to Dave and Phillip who have joined the moderator team!

Additionally, as a thank you for his contributions over the years, we felt it appropriate to promote TheLastSuperman to senior moderator.

If you expressed interest and were not picked, we will keep you in mind for the future. Thanks again.

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Thu, 03 Aug 2017 15:56:28 GMT

vBulletin Mobile 1.16 is now available.

vBulletin Mobile 1.16 is now available to all customers. To obtain the new build, you need to visit the Mobile Publisher in your Member's Area. Rebuild your apps to apply the changes. This new version includes new features and bug fixes.

Push Notifications
Both iOS and Android support Push Notifications with vBulletin 5.3.2 and higher. This allows users to be notified about new content while on the go. To configure your server to set up Push Notifications visit this article:

Users can enable the Push Notifications in the Notifications area of their device settings.

Apple Submission
Resigning the App for submission to the iOS App Store has been improved. Please review the documentation included in the iOS download package for the updated process.

Android issues resolved
VBA-712 - Double ads banner in Private Message Details view
Improvement Request
VBA-700 - Push Notifications
VBA-713 - Add navigation menu button in Private Message Details view
VBA-714 - Force logout upon 1.16 upgrade

Apple iOS issues resolved
VBI-1325 - Message subject disappear after read
VBI-1345 - Using Pinch/Zoom on the iPhone pops up a dialog box. Clearing dialog box removes the content on the screen.
VBI-1355 - App crashes trying to load Activity Stream (for vB3 sites)
VBI-1358 - The app will crash when tapping on the "Create an account" button
VBI-1359 - The app will crash when attempting to attach an image from the phone library
Improvement Request
VBI-1352 - vBulletin re-sign 2.0
VBI-1326 - Push Notification

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Wed, 02 Aug 2017 03:00:38 GMT

Patch Released for vBulletin 5.3.0, 5.3.1, and 5.3.2

An issue has been found in the Site Builder functionality of vBulletin 5.3.0 and higher. On a few occasions, this issue has caused the system to delete the modules off every page for your installation. Proper access to Site Builder is required to trigger the issue so there are no security concerns with this issue. We are releasing this patch to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

It is recommended that you apply this patch as soon as possible. To do so, download the patch for your version from and upload the files to your server. Overwrite the existing files with the new ones. If you have not upgraded to 5.3.2 yet, it is recommended that you do a full upgrade to vBulletin 5.3.2 Patch Level 1.

Patches Released:
vBulletin 5.3.2 Patch Level 1
vBulletin 5.3.1 Patch Level 1
vBulletin 5.3.0 Patch Level 1

If you are using an older version of vBulletin, you should upgrade to vBulletin 5.3.2 Patch Level 1 as soon as possible.

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Mon, 31 Jul 2017 22:02:04 GMT

vBulletin 5.3.2 Connect is now available.

vBulletin 5.3.2 is now available to all licensed customers. It is recommended that all customers upgrade as soon as possible.

Inline Log In
Imagine that you've logged in but forgot to check the Remember Me button. You find an interesting topic and type a long reply. When you're finished, you submit the post and get an error that says you don't have permission to perform that action. What happened is your session timed out while typing. To resolve this, we have added Inline Log In. Now instead of receiving a confusing message, you will receive a dialog box asking for your password in order to properly process the new post.

Push Notification Framework
We have added the framework for push notifications to vBulletin 5. This framework will currently support Private Message notifications being pushed to the Mobile Suite. As demand warrants, we will add different types of content notifications. In order to use Push Notifications, you will need to register your site with Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) system. Site Administrators can register their sites here:

More information on Push Notifications will be released simultaneously with the next version of the Mobile Suite.

User Tokens
Once the Mobile Suite is updated to support Push Notifications, your users will need to update the App and allow it to receive notifications via the system settings. This will create a token to allow them push notifications. The token will remain valid as long as they remain logged into the App. If the user is inactive for more than 7 days, the system will stop sending them push notifications.

Other EnhancementsOrphaned Page Templates can be deleted from within the Page Manager in Site Builder.
Calendars should respect the start of the week option from user profiles.
The Date and Time selection widget should reflect the options specified in the Language settings.
Avatar upload from mobile devices should respect image orientation properly.
Most search modules support the display of the originating channel.
Administrators can disable the automatic sending of birthday emails.
The initial load of the Admin Control Panel should be faster when you have "Control Panel Quick Statistics" turned on.

Is your site using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Is your site running on SSL, also referred to as HTTPS? The Secure Socket Layer provides a security standard that creates an encrypted link between your site and the user's browser making sure everything transmitted remains private and is not changed midstream. This is the preferred method of accessing a website in 2017 and initially provides a small boost to search engine rankings. vBulletin 5 Connect has full support for SSL. If you are not using SSL at this time check out our article on converting your site to use HTTPS:

All vBulletin Cloud sites are configured to use SSL as a free add-on feature.

System Requirements
Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

Current Version Support Schedule:Active Version - 5.3.1
Security Patch - 5.3.0
Security Patch - 5.2.6
No Patch Release - 5.2.5 or earlier.

If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: 4372472

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Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:55:37 GMT

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