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GTPosting Rules: Posting Rules near editor
by Princeton
17 Oct 2006 21:41

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Custom modification brought to you by Joe Velez (aka Princeton vbulletin.org Admin).

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that makes us happy: :)

GTPosting Rules is a NO TEMPLATE EDITS mod to display Posting Rules near the editor. This mod will add the Posting Rules to all editors including quickreply and quickedit. Take a look at the following attachments if you do not understand what I mean.

Show your support and click Mark As Installed, Nominate For MOTM, or Support Developer.

All you have to do is upload the "product-gtpostingrules.xml" file via the Plugins & Products System.

No template edits required.

by Princeton, GO-TOTAL LLC, Vineland, NJ USA

To exclude rules from showing up under the editor, open the GTPR: Process Rules: editor_toolbar_end plugin and add the THIS_SCRIPT value of page to the $excludegtprules array.


v 1.1.2 : Fixed Quick Edit problems and added option to exclude specific pages.
v 1.1.1 : Fixed Template Edit Error
v 1.1.0 : Fixed rules from displaying in Edit Signature.
v 1.0.0
: Missing template in xml.

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amnesia623 17 Oct 2006 22:14

first post...install!

beduino 17 Oct 2006 22:42

the thumbs don't open ... but great mod!

ChurchMedia 17 Oct 2006 23:22

Hmmm.... Mine didn't do anything after install. Maybe another hack is interfering...

Gizmo5h1t3 18 Oct 2006 00:24


Let me know if anything is missing ... thanks.

cant see any difference after its installed m8

FireFish 18 Oct 2006 02:17

Just installed; can't seem to find admin controlls for it.

Am I missing something?

ChurchMedia 18 Oct 2006 03:10

I don't see where any admin controls would be installed in the XML file -- so there aren't any. But it's still not moving the rules for me. I may just manually do it since it's a great idea. :)

I wonder what other plugin would be interfering with this one?

Jeordie015 18 Oct 2006 03:36


Originally Posted by beduino
the thumbs don't open ... but great mod!

They aren't thumbnails.

DementedMindz 18 Oct 2006 04:25

Princeton please fix the thumbnails so we can see it.

Hornstar 18 Oct 2006 05:40


Originally Posted by Jeordie015
They aren't thumbnails.

He meant the thumbnails in the screen shots in his post.

I'll click install and wait for an update I suppose.

Is there meant to be by default a way to change what the rules are?

DPSR 18 Oct 2006 08:22

Yea, me to will wait for the update :)


Princeton 18 Oct 2006 12:27

repuploaded new thumbnails

ChurchMedia ,
Can you pm me a test account on your site so that I can see what's going on?

InTeNsE-HuMoR 18 Oct 2006 19:35

Doesn't seem to be working for me. :cry: Maybe because I am using a custom style or have a mod conflicting? Other than that, it would have been a great edition to my site if it would work.

Princeton 19 Oct 2006 12:29

reuploaded a new file ... was missing the template

If you have a custom style the product's search/replace may not work. For those of you who have this problem, I have added instructions on how to do this manually: Product_GTPostRules_MANUAL_installation.txt

ChurchMedia 20 Oct 2006 00:33

The new product works perfectly in VB, but unfortunately it breaks the quick reply in PhotoPost. I'll go the manual route.

Thanks for this cool idea!

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