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Local server
by SilverBoy
02 Aug 2017 01:04


I'm looking for a software can make my laptop serve like Apache server, to easy test my codes at home.


Dave 02 Aug 2017 02:01

Just install something like XAMPP or AppServ or WampServer.
Alternatively you can install Virtualbox and setup a CentOS virtualmachine to simulate a hosting environment as close as possible.

You can also get a VPS at https://www.vultr.com/pricing/ for $2.50/month.

SilverBoy 02 Aug 2017 02:03

Thank you Dave, if you have a link to download these applications please post it here :).

MarkFL 02 Aug 2017 03:27

I use XAMPP on my desktop to create a local server for my dev sites. :)

SilverBoy 02 Aug 2017 03:42

Thank you Mark.

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