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Nickname moderator, date and time to the note
by flowers
20 Mar 2016 06:42

How to add a nickname moderator, date and time to the note
Thank you

MarkFL 20 Mar 2016 07:53

To what note?

flowers 20 Mar 2016 10:24


Originally Posted by MarkFL (Post 2567670)
To what note?



Komentarz dodany przez Moderatora ( name, date, time ) :
Nie ma potrzeby cytowania w całości posta bezpośrednio poprzedzającego wypowiedź.

MarkFL 20 Mar 2016 11:57

That mod to which you have linked is not for vB 4.x. :)

flowers 20 Mar 2016 12:18

Thank you :)

MarkFL 20 Mar 2016 12:20

Are you looking for a way to simply distinguish the posts made by your staff from posts made by everyone else?

flowers 20 Mar 2016 16:08

It works in 4.2 but I would like to add name of moderator, date and time next to note.
Similar like it is in phpbb:

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