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Template mod FAQ
by Sephiroth32
03 Dec 2002 19:46

Well to maybe cut back on some already answerd posts I made this threa,. Please know i'm not trying to act like I know everything caouse I dont :p just trying to be helpful. (these are basicly n00b questions :p)

How do I access certain templates?
In your admin center, go all the way to the buttom of the left frame to find "templates" catagory. Click modify. Then on the style you wish to add the template mod to, select "show all" from the links beside it. Then run your browser's search feature to find the name of the template you want to edit.

What templates do what?
Here are the most commonly edited templates:
postbit - this is the template for viewing user's posts
forumdisplay - this is what peoplse see when they look at a forum on your board
forumdisplaybit - the html for the acual topic listing
forumhome - what people see when they visit your forums main page
header - the header of all your pages
headerinclude - basicly everything above the <body> tag, like css
memberlist - the layout for the member list
memberlistbit - the acual member listings table template
navbar - the main code for the navbar
nav_joiner - the character that seperares each page on the navbar, it is > by default.

When I click preview when editing a template the colors are messy and the layout is wrong
This is becaouse it is acually using colors where you typed replacements, for examole when you type color="{catagoryfontcolor}" it acually types in the replacement in the html. It also takes variables literally

well that's all I can think of...if anyone thinks of any others feel free to post them :)

Tony G 03 Dec 2002 21:20

I'm pretty sure this has all been covered before, but it belongs in the mod tips forum so moving there.

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