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What variables are available to the activity stream?
by ia7
14 Sep 2016 03:09

Hey there, I have been having a play around trying to learn the basics of modifying vBulletin. Making custom templates and pages and generally breaking things more than making them work. :erm: One thing that has got me nearly jumping out the window though is, how to get variables such as $foruminfo and $threadinfo for use in the activity stream.

For example: showing a prefix next to the title and then having it link to the forum the thread resides in with the url containing the ?prefixid=PREFIX is something that has me bouncing off the walls. Then why I try and mash a plugin together and see if values are passed it seems to not accept them. When I have a look into the activity related files I can see the use of these values but that is about the scope of my understanding with it.

Also is there a way to use the {vb:link} syntax to create the link and append values such as the prefix within a {vb:rawphrase} ? Or just create a {vb:link} with the prefixid=PREFIX filled in?

Apologies if this is very wrong but I'm not much of a coder but I do like to jump in and (try and) learn by breaking things.

Thanks to anyone who even looks at the above. :cool:

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