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Credits system + hide mod
by motorola
13 Oct 2010 07:49


I need some help regarding some vBulletin mods. I saw a few weeks a go in another Vbulletin forum, something that I want to have also in my forum.

I saw a credits system, everyone received points for new threads, new post etc
I saw text was hide probbably with a hide product, and when somebody want to see the whole thread text, must pay for that with credits.

How these mods are named ? I'm looking for them, but dont know how to search them very good

I need some help. Please !

BirdOPrey5 13 Oct 2010 15:32

Those must be custom mods, well the hide one is anyway- there are several points/credits mods.

motorola 13 Oct 2010 21:14

And what credits mod for vB4 is compatible with a hide hack ?

BirdOPrey5 13 Oct 2010 23:48

I'd bet any points mod could be used if you could find a custom hide hack that charges points. Usually those type of hacks will work with any points system, you just put the name of the points field in the database into the settings of the other mod.

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