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Innovative On Top Display Window
by TheLastSuperman
21 May 2009 02:03

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Innovative On Top Display Window


Mod Version: 0.0.1
Compatible vB version: 3.5.x, 3.6.x , 3.7.x , 3.8.x (All versions even pre 3.5 etc)

Description: "Emphasize" and make particular content on your page stand out by keeping them always visible on the visitor's browser screen, using this script. The script uses CSS's "fixed" positioning to accomplish this in modern browsers, while for older browsers that don't support "fixed" (such as IE6), switches to "absolute" positioning to simulate the effect. But the script doesn't just keep an element fixated on the screen, it lets you manage their display frequency to make the whole affair sensible and user friendly. Here's what you can do with the script:

  • Keep an element always visible on the page relative to one of the four corners of the user's browser window.
  • The element can either be one that's physically defined on the page, or inside an external file and dynamically added to the page using Ajax.
  • The floating element can be set to disappear after x seconds.
  • Control how often (frequency) the floating element is shown at all each time the page loads. The current options are: randomly based on x percentage (1-100%), once per browser session, or once every x days.
  • Control the fade effect that's added when the element is shown and hidden, respectively.

Special thanks to my Dynamic Drive for allowing me to use this script! ).

This hack is in the BETA stages and can be customized several ways and works with many forms of html and VB code. The code is stable and works quite well, I cannot however give permissions to re-use the code as I normally do - sorry but it would break Dynamic Drives Terms of Use and as I mentioned, I did obtain permission before posting for use!

Please notice there are two different ways to display, use both to experiment with different forms of code to achieve the desired effect. Additionally you can include some vbulletin codes into it for more ways to customize and use to your advantage/enjoyment! If by any means you are unsure if this will suit your needs please POST your curious query below :D as I support my mods and will do my best to find a solution for you and more importantly please post any new ways YOU the installers find to customize this for forum usage like custom login boxes (add more time lol) or user albums displayed, special announcements, etc etc!!

Please Click Here for the Demo.

Link to full details and usage information by Dynamic Drive --> Click Here

Also I have decided post mods on vb.org by password protecting the .zip, please view the code while logged-in, below.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

*Attention* Please view the first page as the 2nd and 3rd post were reserved and contain additional information.

TheLastSuperman :rolleyes:

For VBulletin.org Forum Support:
  • Click above in the right menu "Mark as Installed".
  • Post your question/problem in the thread including screenshots.
  • PM me if I do not reply in a timely manner.

Michael.A 21 May 2009 20:45

well 3.8.2 i well try it even i dont know what is is about

TheLastSuperman 21 May 2009 21:19


Originally Posted by MAD--DOG (Post 1814797)
well 3.8.2 i well try it even i dont know what is is about

Ok :D

Updated w/ Screenshot :p

From the 3.7 thread....



Originally Posted by soundbarrierpro (Post 1814815)
So, if i understand this correctly......

The box with the information will appear whenever anybody hits the index? It's able to be configured to dissolve after xxx seconds?

Is it only the index or every single page?

Thank you. This looks neat.

Ahh :D

It depends on what template you paste the code... (And yes, configurable via time limit/colors/images/all content)

  • Header - Always appears even when refreshed (some might find this irritating).
  • Forum Display - Only when they click on a Category that displays the forums within ;).
  • Forum Home - Will only appear on forum home but each time it is refreshed.

Future Update to possibly include:
  • Displays only once per browser session.
  • Details for various content which can be used within.

TheLastSuperman 22 May 2009 02:00

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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman (Post 1814816)
Ok :D

Updated w/ Screenshot :p

From the 3.7 thread....

And another screenshot, I used the code to display within the template instead of external for vb code to work, if you use the external file it will not work until I alter/update the mod. Using the internal code you can also use phrases ;) - I have embedded a divx video in the popup and simply changed the timer to 60000 for 60 seconds as the video was 0:55 long.

See attachment :D

Now what can you place inside to get amazing results??? Check it out :p

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