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Can any body make this mod
by LinksFreak
18 Jan 2014 04:55

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Hello Friends can any body make this mod VB 3.8.7

1.today torrents
2.popular torrents
3.yesterday torrents

I have attached that screen shot ,I hope this is the right place to request


advanced thanks

ForceHSS 18 Jan 2014 05:25

Looks more like links

tbworld 18 Jan 2014 05:41

I think you need to explain in more detail, the picture does not clearly define what you are looking for.

1.) a menu.
2.) a torrent finding website.

LinksFreak 18 Jan 2014 06:21

okay witch type of details you need i will explain pm you

1.yes menu tab view
2.its a torrent website

Thanks for reply

tbworld 18 Jan 2014 06:40

I re-posted from the PM, so others that might want to help you, might understand. :)

Sorry, I assist only in the main forums. If you did not want me to re-post this please let me know


i said this is torrent finding mod top of the left side menu tab . (Refer to the image attachment in the first post).

1.today torrents
2.popular torrents
3.yesterday torrents

see here you can find, advanced thanks
This is too large of a project for a unpaid request.
Maybe one of our nice members can point you to some canned software already on the web.

HM666 20 Jan 2014 14:09

You want a mod that finds torrents hosted on other sites? Or you want a mod that enables you to post torrents of your own on your vBulletin?

For the first one a torrent finding mod, I'd be willing to bet that like tbworld said no one will do that for free. Its quite extensive what you are asking for.

If you are asking about being able to have torrents on your vbulletin then there is a torrenting vb mod, but I believe its a paid for hack. Its called VBTT (VB Torrent Trader). Try to google VBTT if you need to have torrents on your site.

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