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[DBTech] vBSecurity v3 (vB3)
by DragonByte Tech
31 Dec 2011 00:10

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vBSecurity: What is it?
vBSecurity keeps a watchful eye over your forum even when you are not there, and has the capability to alert you of any suspicious activity.


vBSecurity is the ideal product for forums that are concerned about security, or wish to be alerted when something suspicious happens.
It keeps a watchful eye on your configuration file, ensuring that it does not get modified by mods or plugins.
Another important feature is the ability to add a secondary login, unique to each administrator, that is required before accessing the AdminCP. Ideal for forums where multiple administrators may share login information, or where administrators may log in from public computers.
Add in quick settings for the most vital vBulletin Options and Usergroup password settings, vBSecurity can easily be called one of the most comprehensive security suites for your vBulletin forum.


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What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified by us whenever new updates are available.

For security issues - vbulletin.org will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to their attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps us know how many people are using our work, giving us extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

We appreciate the support!

Priority support & Product Demos available at: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com


Translations available @ our forum
Support for translations handled by the translator in its respective threads only.


Major Features
Administrator Security: .htaccess-like logins for your administrators means that even if they use the same password on multiple sites, malicious users still need a fresh, unique password to log in.

Security Watchers: Keep an eye on the most important aspects of vBulletin: config.php tampering, AdminCP / User Account access attempts, vBulletin Options, User Data, Usergroup Settings and Usergroup Permissions.
Detailed changelogs available for each watcher dealing with changes.
IP Ban, User Ban, Email alerts and temporary forum closure options available for each watcher individually.

* Searchable list of all AdminCP access attempts
* Searchable list of all failed login attempts
* Searchable list of administrator changes for areas governed by the Security Watchers
* vBOption: IP Address whitelist for AdminCP access
* vBOption: Separate "Closed Reason" for closures that happened due to potential security breaches
* Quick setting page for the most important vBulletin Options security settings
* Quick setting page for the most important Usergroup security settings
* Security Watchers: General - config.php Variable Tampering, AdminCP Access Attempts
* Security Watchers: Logins - Failed Logons, Failed Mass Logons
* Security Watchers: vBOptions - vBulletin Active, Reason For Turning vBulletin Off, Banned Email Addresses, Banned IP Addresses, Use Login "Strikes" System, Whitelisted IP Addresses, Whitelisted IP Addresses - Exclude Super Administrators
* Security Watchers: User Data - User Name, Password, Email, Primary Usergroup, Additional Usergroups, Reputation Level, Warnings, Infractions, Infraction Points, Receive Admin Emails
* Security Watcher Actions: 2 thresholds with individual configuration options, IP Ban / User Ban / Email Webmaster / Close Forum options available for each Watcher option listed above. Some watcher options may not have all actions.

* Optional .htaccess-like login on a per-administrator basis
* Settings Snapshots - take a "snapshot" of how the vBulletin Options look at the time, instant restore by clicking Load on a previous snapshot
* Security Watchers: Usergroup - Password Expiry, Password History, every usergroup permission group, every "value" permission
* IP Guard: Administrator IP Address authorisation scheme (similar to Steam Guard) - Require email verification for new IP addresses to access the AdminCP, per-administrator disable

This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages which includes:
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JacquiiDesigns 31 Dec 2011 01:01

Looks like another great modificaton you guys.
Congrats and thanks for the share!


meijin 04 Jan 2012 07:35

Installed this as per the instructions given and it immediately killed my site.

When going into the settings in admincp, I got alot of depreciated errors showing at the top.

Main problem was the site would not load. All that would show was this error message:

Fatal error: Class 'VBSECURITY' not found in /var/www/vhosts/watchgeeks.net/httpdocs/dbtech/vbsecurity/hooks/global_complete.php on line 65

I turned the mod off and still could not load the site. The site would not load until fully uninstalling the mod.

I like what this mod is supposed to do...but it sure isn't working for me.

meijin 05 Jan 2012 16:06


Blackheart_72 07 Feb 2012 13:10

Same as above, just get the same error when installed.

Have had to uninstall.

elrafei 07 Feb 2012 18:05

Same as above, but i have just a white page !! No forum,No thing !

blackberry 19 Feb 2012 11:59

any forum works fine with mod installed??

bestone96 29 Feb 2012 11:19

thanks a lot
will try it

ikorolis 03 Mar 2012 06:38

never like this mods (security or firewall)
i think anyone installed this mod stop working site.

i think only solution you have guys go to official site of DragonByte and wait to support or fresh install site software without this mods.

DragonByte Tech 03 Mar 2012 12:55

I'm very sorry for not replying, I forgot to subscribe to this thread so I was not alerted of new replies :(

vBSecurity v1.0.3:
Feature: Failed AdminCP Logins will now display the username the person tried and failed to login with
Fix: (vB3) Should now work correctly


DragonByte Tech 10 Mar 2012 01:40

vBSecurity v1.0.4:
Feature: Added a block of text to Security Recommendations that discusses server security for WHM-based servers


ikorolis 12 Mar 2012 11:18

nice news
thanks DragonByte

Abdullah SZ 03 Apr 2012 18:41

I get this error on top:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

DragonByte Tech 03 Apr 2012 23:22

Please try disabling all other addons as you may have a conflict.


Xp.Warrior 22 Apr 2012 13:00

Any One Help Me Look This Error In Admincp

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

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