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Admin CP Favorite Links by BOP5 (VB 3.x and VB 4.x)
by BirdOPrey5
07 Jul 2012 23:44

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Brought to you by BirdOPrey5

This is a utility for Administrators to add a new menu choice to the top of the Admin CP menu. It includes links to the most used Admin CP pages and you can easily customize the links by adding your own or removing the ones already there.

Compatible with all VB versions 3.6.0 through 4.x.x inclusive.

The hardest part about this will be finding the link/url you need for custom links. Basically the easiest way is to just navigate to the admincp page you want to link to then use your browser tools to find the URL of the page in the frame, then copy everything after /admincp/ and that will be your link.

Actually no reason you need to limit this to only Admin CP links, you could put in a full URL (starting with http or https) and use that as a link as well.

I've seen a mod where people link to their cpanel account for example, you could do that if you wanted.

Please "Mark as Installed" if you use this. :)
Donations Always Appreciated. :up:

Marking this as re-usable code as it is a interesting way of including Admin CP setting groups without the need for a separate xml file to upload- feel free to play with that.

BirdOPrey5 07 Jul 2012 23:44


exel 07 Jul 2012 23:45

Nice job, looks useful, will test it out.

3raq4all 10 Jul 2012 18:08

3.8.7. ...?

BirdOPrey5 11 Jul 2012 01:05


Originally Posted by 3raq4all (Post 2346704)
3.8.7. ...?


Compatible with all VB versions 3.6.0 through 4.x.x inclusive.
So... yes. :up:

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