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Anti-Spam Registration Add-on for vB5?
by gregmlb
09 Dec 2016 21:04

Hi - I have an existing vB 4.2.2 forum where I have been successfully using vbStopForumSpam (version 0.61) for years. I am considering upgrading my forum to vB 5.2.5 ... but it appears vbStopForumSpam is only supported for vB 4.X.

MY QUESTION - does anyone know if vbStopForumSpam works in vB 5.X? If not - is there another add-on or ??? that will prevent spammers from successfully registering (and without much if any manual intervention on my part)?

Thanks for anything you can tell me. And yes - I did do a SEARCH, and nothing shows up under vB 5 that I could see.

Replicant 10 Dec 2016 03:38

None I am aware of, just speaking from personal experience, my vb5 site has been online for over two years and I have only had a couple of spammer accounts I had to delete and I believe they were human spammers which is pretty much impossible to stop.

shimei 10 Dec 2016 09:12

Stopforumspam is included in Vb5, though I am not familiar with vbstopforumspam: http://www.stopforumspam.com/


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