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Where vb is going right!
by Michael Morris
16 Apr 2006 18:10

Three years ago I was introduced to vbulletin and needed to learn how to apply multiple hacks. I had never worked with PHP before or even heard of it and after a very bad experience with C++ at the University of Kentucky in the mid 90's I had abandoned my hopes of ever programming (Let's just say a class of 300+ is not a good environment to try to tackle C or any other language).

vbulletin's source code taught me how to program again and refired my interest in the field. By reading the threads and hacks here and sorting through the documentation on php.net I have been able to master the language except for perhaps a couple of obscure corners (odbc connectivity, and regular expressions still give me fits and take large amounts of time to do but I can do them).

I have since been able to start a career in programming php and if it weren't for vbulletin I would have never started. I know that sort along would go in the testimonials section - but the code alone would not have done it. I've learned a lot from the hacks here as well - and it was the necessity of needing to install hacks and modify them that got me started on the path and for that I must thank the community of vb.org as well.

I also noted that I must have passed the threshold of installs for advanced coder - which warms my heart as well.

redspider 16 Apr 2006 19:13

2 year ago I was just a moderator on a friend website thats how I was introduce to vbulletin and we have a lazy webmaster so I start coming to this site to learn how to do things so I did not have to ask our webmaster to do it since he use to charge money for free hacks .
now I learning how to write small hacks my self thanks to vbulletin.org staff and members what I like the most is that there is a lot of people willing to help here no matter how stupid you question could be well there is some limits lol but vbulletin.org is one of my favorite sites now and I come here every week and read any new information out there and find new hacks or ideas.

ps we no longer have the lazy webmaster LOL.
Thanks guys

Mr Chad 16 Apr 2006 19:57

I tought my self alot from just hanging around vb.org :), its better than taking a class :P

rossco_2005 16 Apr 2006 20:07

Same here.
I learned some php from a friend and making my own sites.
But I really got into the advanced stuff when I became an admin at my forum and started installing hacks. :)

bairy 18 Apr 2006 08:58

Where vb.org is going wrong: 222 posts
Where vb.org is going right: 3 posts.

I know that people complain more than compliment but didn't realise it was on this scale.

I quite like vb.org.
There are a few things I'd change and add, such as creating an automated index in the tutorials forum, or defaulting it to display via thread title asc., and adding a way for people to moderate their own threads to remove old bug reports and such clutter (I understand there's a database thing coming to tackle that problem).
And I sometimes skim through S/Feedback and think that staff replies are a bit ruder than they need be (I think it's the case they're just to the point and that can come across as rude)


Overall it's a good site.
It seems pretty well organised, the custom titles are useful, the bigass first post box is handy with the checkboxes.
And from what I can see all threads survive, even "embarassing" ones such as the ipbarcade hotm "dispute".
Quality wise the tutorials are very useful and the hack categories are nicely done too, so it's pretty easy to use the site.

I think it's going right more than it's going wrong.

Erwin 18 Apr 2006 10:09

Hang on... is this thread about "vB" or "vB.org"... big difference, one is about the software, the other about this site - we have posts discussing each. ;)

Paul M 18 Apr 2006 18:20


Originally Posted by bairy
Where vb.org is going wrong: 222 posts
Where vb.org is going right: 3 posts.

I know that people complain more than compliment but didn't realise it was on this scale.

Um, apart from what Erwin said, one topic is only about a day old ....

davidw 19 Apr 2006 20:28

vb is great! I love it - it took a while to save up for it, but I did and is one of the best investments I've made.

Mark.B 19 Apr 2006 22:18

It was me that started the original thread, and that was about the software.

However, that shouldn't be read as me not liking vB. I think it is wonderful, and it gets a lot more right than it gets wrong. I couldn't live without it.

In that thread, I was just making a couple of constructive comments about where I thought things were not as good as they could be, that's all.

Razasharp 22 Apr 2006 23:41

vB is awesome - it's the best forum platform out there especially if you want to get under the bonnet and modify it.

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