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Adding tabs to user profile.
by Calash
21 Aug 2007 15:33

I am working on modifying my user profiles to bring together all the areas of my site. I have installed the interactive profile mod and using a custom plugin I have gotten it to show the information from eFiction.


However, my next step is to add 3 more lists to the profile.

Off Site stories

The way I am looking at it now, that much info on one page would be too much. So, I am thinking of a tab based solution, taking the "My Stories" block and tabbing it out to have the info.

My first thought was to use Javascript and hidden divs. Simple enough but all the divs get loaded even if the data is not viewed. While not much I will end up with an increased page size and extra queries that may not be needed.

The other option would be an AJAX setup, however all the examples I have seen are based on external files and/or scripts. Is there an internal vB system I could uses via plugins to create a AJAX based tab setup in the profile page?

Is AJAX even the way to go here? It may be more than I need for this application and the hidden divs may be the best way to go.

Thanks for any input :)

EvilKitty 21 Aug 2007 16:41

I'm afraid i'm of no use to you, i just wanted to say, i'm jealous of your eFiction/vBulletin integration, i'm a huge coding n00b and though i'd had the desire to try and impliment something similar, it was just not going to happen.

Excellent job.



Calash 21 Aug 2007 18:27

Thanks :)

The base code is posted over at the eFiction site. It is a modification of the example SMF bridge, using global.php to pull the data. Feel free to use it if you have a site you want to try it on.

The newer stuff I have done is not there yet (The plugins, bridge compatible with v3.3)...need to get that updated at some point :)

Looking at what I am trying to do, I wonder if AJAX would just be overkill. This is more of static data that I am just trying to reduce down to fit in the profile. May just be worth using the code I have to hide div statements and tab it like that. Not as complex to setup. :)

EvilKitty 21 Aug 2007 21:01

I'm sure theres a mod that lets you tab your profile, but of course now that i'm looking i cant find it.

Really now? I looked about their forum and couldn't find anything that would integrate with vB - i guess i didnt look hard enough - could direct me to the thread?

Calash 22 Aug 2007 02:10


The code there works, but it is a bit old. I will have the most recent version I am running posted this weekend...I want to write up a bit on the plugins as well.

EvilKitty 22 Aug 2007 17:08

Awesome - as eager as I am to give it a shot now, i'll wait to see your updated code. What you have going is essentially exactly what i'd like to have going on my forum.

I'll keep an eye out for it, but if you could PM me when you've shared it, i'd be in your debt forever. :D


Perhaps you can edit this product to do what you want it to?

Calash 08 Oct 2007 12:08

Well, I ended up modifying some Javascript I wrote up a while back and setting up tabs by using hidden <div> statements. It adds a bit to the page size, all the data is loaded at once, but it did not seem that much overall. I will probably end up with 3-4 tabs for the various lists and such for each author.

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