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One-touch Spam Ban and Cleanup
by mfyvie
28 Aug 2007 15:26

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*** Staff note: The author of this modification has passed away in a diving accident. We wish his family all strength in dealing with this tragic issue. ***

One-touch Spam Ban and Cleanup

The main purpose of this mod is to clean up after a spammer. With a minimum of fuss it will:
  • Delete all threads started by the spammer
  • Delete all posts made by the spammer
  • Delete all PMs sent to other members by the spammer
  • Delete all calendar events made by the spammer
  • Ban or delete the spammer as you like
  • Ignore permissions - posts can be deleted in areas that a moderator may not have access to.
The option to activate this tool appears in the drop-down menu in the postbit, as well as on the profile page. From here it is a "one-touch" operation, with the small exception that you must press a confirmation button before the cleanup is made.

See the screenshot for the various options, but some of the more interesting ones are:
  • You can specify individual users (in addition to groups) who can use this tool. This means certain trusted, non-moderator users could have the ability to clean up spam and ban spammers.
  • You can specify users or groups who are protected - they cannot be deleted by this tool.
  • By default, users who have registered more than 30 days ago are also protected from this tool (spammers tend to be caught and removed fairly soon after registration)
  • You can turn the various deletion targets (threads, posts, events, PMs) on or off
  • Select between hard delete or soft delete
This mod is similar to some older mods, but improved in a number of ways:
  • You also have the choice to alter the standard ban and delete reasons before you press confirm.
  • Deletes more types of spam (PMs, events)
  • Simple, quick, effective
  • Single file import (.xml) no file edits, no template edits, no .php files to upload
  • Should work on all versions of 3.6.x and future versions

Download and import the .xml file via AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product. Remember to click overwrite if upgrading


Once installed, check in your AdminCP under "VBulletin settings" and look for the configuration group called "One-touch Spam Ban & Cleanup Options". The default options should be fine for most people.

How to use

If you have rights to use this tool (i.e. are an admin or moderator, or have configured it for the relevant user or group ID) you should see the option appear on the member profile page, or in a drop-down on the postbit (see attached screenshots for an example). The idea is that as soon as you see a spammer select the "One-touch Ban & Clean" option to remove all trace of the spammer.


Support will be given to those who have:
  • Read these instructions (and followed them) and
  • Clicked install
Version history

1.0 - initial version (28.08.2007)
1.1 - security fix (21.09.2007)
1.2b - Beta Fix to work with vb3.7.0 (20.05.2008)

mfyvie 28 Aug 2007 15:27


Symmetrical® 28 Aug 2007 15:33

second installed :)

Symmetrical® 28 Aug 2007 15:43

Error !
edit :)

mfyvie 28 Aug 2007 15:48

Very strange. What version of php are you running? I'll try to duplicate the problem...

Symmetrical® 28 Aug 2007 15:50

ok i will wating for fix. :) because very nice hack

mfyvie 28 Aug 2007 15:55

Duplicated and fixed. .xml file updated, just re-download and reinstall. Can you please remove that screenshot from your post - it's massive and no longer applies since the issue was fixed.

Symmetrical® 28 Aug 2007 15:58


Originally Posted by mfyvie (Post 1327400)
Duplicated and fixed. .xml file updated, just re-download and reinstall. Can you please remove that screenshot from your post - it's massive and no longer applies since the issue was fixed.

ok removed caps . thanks ..

Symmetrical® 28 Aug 2007 16:06

very very nice because very easy ban :D thnx mfyvie.

edit: you should add + ip ban ;)

johnrizz 28 Aug 2007 21:54

Sweet mfyvie! I like it... installed

you should add + Email ban..

Brandon Sheley 28 Aug 2007 22:10

Just wondering how this is different from the Spam Deciminator ?

by beduino
28 Aug 2007 23:52

Oh my God!
this is really a fantastic feature!
tks a lot - one click to ban, delete threads, posts.... oh GOD it is a miracle! :D
joao barroca
aka beduino

RMS-Chef 29 Aug 2007 00:43

I have the option in the user's profile but not in the postbit drop menu. Could this be because I am using postbit_legacy?
Could you just post the posbit template addition so I can manually add it?


Originally Posted by Symmetrical® (Post 1327406)
very very nice because very easy ban :D thnx mfyvie.

edit: you should add + ip ban ;)

Excellent modification. Thank you.
I agree, having an option to ban any/all registration and post IPs of the user would be nice as well.

Alibass 29 Aug 2007 03:33

*INSTALLED* very nice hack mfyvie as always. :)

The drop postbit menu works fine with default vB skin but not with my custom skins. Can you post code for that?

I will half to agree also banning of IP and email address that a user registered with would really make this mod sweeeeeeeet.

Fearlessninja 29 Aug 2007 04:15

Awesome! Been waiting for this for quite awhile. Thanks!

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