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by diades
17 Jan 2012 09:12


Has anyone had occasion to use the <vb:comment> tag? Can anyone give me an example of its use? I want to drop it into a product via a plugin to 'erase' part of the page but just get an error which means that I have no idea. :)

Yellow Slider 17 Jan 2012 11:11

No one's gonna be able to help you if you don't post the actual code.

kh99 17 Jan 2012 11:14

You just put <vb:comment> ... </vb:comment> in a template, around the part that you want to comment out. If you're doing a str_replace or the like on a cached template that won't work, because the cached template has already been compiled so you can't use <vb: tags. The cached template is php, so you might be able to put in /* and */ as long as you make sure you're not putting them in the middle of a string.

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