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Message Icons for Only Admins or Mods
by amykhar
07 Feb 2003 22:37

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This little hack will allow you to reserve a posting icon for only admins or mods to use. For example, I reserve a tiny flame for admins and mods to mark borderline threads.

It's a 5 second hack, but quite useful.

A screenshot won't do much good for this one. Neither will an example.

amykhar 07 Feb 2003 22:42

If the mood strikes, I might create a control panel interface to set the icons to modonly. However, as I only have 1 icon reserved I have no real need for this interface.

Derek 07 Feb 2003 23:32

How about a screenshot? Do you mean with the icons that users have when posting new threads?

amykhar 07 Feb 2003 23:55

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Not sure a screenshot will help much, but here ya go.

Yes, these are the posting or message icons. Not smilies.

empreur76 08 Feb 2003 11:44


but where i change modonly to 1 !??


Roody 08 Feb 2003 13:42

So let me see if I understand you correctly. This hack basically gives us icons that we can use as Admin/Mods that wouldnt be available to anyone else?

by Chris M
08 Feb 2003 14:54

@Roody - Yes - I believe that is so:)


Roody 08 Feb 2003 15:23

Thanks Hellsatan, just wanted to be sure. :)

amykhar 08 Feb 2003 16:00


Originally posted by empreur76

but where i change modonly to 1 !??


The easiest way is to use phpMyadmin. The query would be UPDATE icon set modonly=1 where iconid=x;

x, of course is the icon that you want to reserve for admins and mods.


empreur76 08 Feb 2003 16:30

scuse me but i don't understand !

i put this via phpmyadmin:
ALTER TABLE `vbulletin`.`icon` ADD `modonly` TINYINT NOT NULL

make the change in function.php !
but after when i'm going in my control panel ( modify icon ) i don't see modonly !?

amykhar 08 Feb 2003 16:48

It's not in the control panel. You have to do it via phpmyadmin.

Chris M 08 Feb 2003 19:37

@amykhar - You might want to change the query to run to:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.


You may also consider creating some Control Panel "radio checkbox" option to make it easier to change:)


amykhar 08 Feb 2003 19:41

OOPS. Thanks for the catch on the query :D I wasn't paying attention when I copied and pasted.

With regards to the control panel, I mentioned above that I might do it in the future. However, it's a trivial thing for me to update it in phpmyadmin and it's not a setting I change often at all.


Chris M 08 Feb 2003 20:02

I suppose:)

Its just a nice little addon:p


empreur76 08 Feb 2003 20:12

ok i make the query but after how i change the icon !
after it's the same for me ( admin or user) i see the same icon

do i have to rename a icon in modonly !?

i really don't understand !!
very thanx for your help

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