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How do I add a button for my BB Code?
by TacMaru
12 Apr 2021 06:40

How do I add a button for my BB Code?

I am running version 5.6.4

I wrote two custom BB codes. One was for strike out text and the other one uses “details” and “summary” to make a Spoiler function. I went to the Control Panel to add a graphic for the button and put in a path but it shows no graphic but a blank. In the toolbar there are two blank working buttons with no graphic.

I need to know the following.

1. What is the best way to upload? (Pixel size, file format)

2. After the image is uploaded, what is the path for that image to put in the Control Panel so the image will show up.
Thanks in advance!

Since I am new here please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place. Is there a New Member’s Guide?

I have been stuck for years dealing with Word Press garbage and even though vbulletin is not perfect it meets my needs with no major problems so far. I appreciate the time and energy that went into the interface. It is intuitive and is not cluttered once I pared it down to essentials.

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Does anyone have a good link I can go to get a solution for this?

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I got a reply over at the other forum.

On vBulletin Cloud, you would have to upload the image via the vBulletin Cloud File Manager in your AdminCP. Once uploaded in this utility the system will provide a URL that you can use to access that image in CSS or for BBCodes.

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