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Green Forum And Thread Status Icons Plus Many Extras
by paulket
25 Dec 2012 14:36

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Some green statusicons with extras. If you want to use different icons for different forums, upload the icons that you want to use from the Extra_Status_Icon folder that is included in the zip file to your statusicon folder on your server (be sure to upload both the _old-48 and _new-48 icons), log into your vB admin panel and go to Forums & Moderators > Forum Manager and then edit the forum where you want the new icon to appear. With the forum edit page open look for Prefix for Forum Status Images and add the appropriate prefix for the icon that you want to use in the field... for instance, if you want to use the intro icon, put intro_ in the field.

If you use all of the included icons and buttons you should probably edit your site's style with the following:

bbcode_quote_border #556b2f (The image for the quote border has been included in the zip file.)

pagination_border #97c042

pagination_current_border #556b2f

pagination_hover_border #556b2f

pagination_current_background #7e9f39

I will try to honor/fill any requests for additional icons if you want them but please be patient as my job does not allow me a lot of free time.

The actual icons look better than the screenshot.

K4GAP 28 Jan 2013 13:52

Very nice!!! Thank you for these.

kisanjong 20 May 2014 12:19

Thank you :)

Asama 01 Aug 2014 13:14

Very nice.......
Will mark as installed..:)

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