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Nature Avatar Pack - 100 Pack - 100x100pixel - Set 2
by b00k
17 Oct 2012 14:50

Feedback Appreciated guys & please feel free to suggest things you would like to see in the future.

On to the release.

Enclosed is 100 Nature Avatars in .gif @ 100x100 pixels. This is set 2
The avatars are provided by ForuMedia Inc.


More free Avatars to come in the near future.

We will be releasing more in the future for free both on vBorg and on FMI in our FREE Avatar Section.

These avatars are free to use and distribute but must NOT be sold in any form, if you would like to support my efforts then please feel free to stop in and tell us you like the free avatars or if you are re-hosting please shoot us a link

Enjoy & again, please leave some feedback.

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