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by alfuzzy
04 Mar 2019 19:31

Hello all.

I'm trying to get the vBulletin 4 RSS feeds to operate. I've created some feeds...and when I "Preview" the feed I can see RSS feed articles. But when I go to the sub-forum of the site where the RSS feeds are supposed to be located...nothing is showing up.

- The Feed is active.
- A specified sub-forum has been identified for the RSS feed to show up.
- A forum member username is identified as the poster of the RSS feed.

As I mentioned...RSS feed is not showing up. Any ideas if there's a setting in the RSS Feed Manager I may have missed? Or a setting somewhere else in the Admin CP that I may have missed?

Thanks much.:)

alfuzzy 07 Mar 2019 19:48

Ok...figured out what the issue was with the RSS feeds showing up.

One other question maybe someone can help with. So now I have some RSS feeds showing up on my forum...and what's currently showing up is the title of the RSS Feed article & a link to the article.

What I would like to be displayed in the thread on my site is both a link to the original article web page...and the full article itself.

What sort of code would I need to add to the Body Template of the RSS Feed set up to get the actual RSS article to show up in the thread?


In Omnibus 07 Mar 2019 19:57

The length of the RSS preview is set by the provider of the feed. You can't legally display the full article on your site. It's copyright infringement and likely taking ad revenue away from the publisher.

alfuzzy 07 Mar 2019 20:16

Thanks for mentioning that In Omnibus.:)

What if the website that the article is coming from (via the RSS feed) is simply reprinting the article from it's original source?

I see this all the time where lots of legitimate websites simply reprint the exact same article (by the same author). Thus if this same article apperared on my website in a thread...I would think this would be very similar to what these other sites are doing.

For example...if Apple releases a new iPhone model (and the article is written by John Smith)...this same exact article by John Smith will appear in it's entirety on many different technology sites. I'm thinking if all these sites are doing this...as long as the original author is getting credit for the article...all might be good.

Back to what you said about the "RSS Preview". Is there code I can add to the RSS Feed Body Template to get the RSS Preview?

Right now the code I have in the Body Template for each RSS feed is pretty minimal...and if I could add some extra code to get the RSS Preview...that would be great.:)

--------------- Added 08 Mar 2019 at 11:52 ---------------

Update. Found some additional RSS feeds that automatically come with an image & article text as part of an RSS Preview...so I think I'm good to go. Thanks

kakarla 20 Jun 2019 18:03


Originally Posted by alfuzzy (Post 2598732)

Update. Found some additional RSS feeds that automatically come with an image & article text as part of an RSS Preview...so I think I'm good to go. Thanks

Can you let me know what is the solution you got for this.

I am also stuck with this problem.

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