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Relocation of forum from site root to seperate folder ("/forum")
by Kottonmouth801
04 Nov 2009 17:55

Relocation of forum from site root to seperate folder ("/forum") ????

I originally installed vbulletin in site root & I need to move to "/forum" folder....?

I am successful with all transactions by simply changing site url in vboptions in admincp to http://mysite.com/forum

But.... The iproArcade continues to reload in the site root instead of the /forum/ folder that I have relocated the vbulletin forum & arcade into.

For example: When I choose a game it looks for arcade.php in root folder instead of the new ("/forum") folder I moved the vbulletin & arcade into.

I am currently still using 3.8.2

Can anyone help....??

Prisim 06 Nov 2009 06:25

just uninstall product
and clear all plugins

in plugins menu

then install product for arcade


reply with ur great answer

good luck

by Kottonmouth801
29 Nov 2009 15:37


I just had to make an adjustment to arcade.php

The file path in arcade.php was telling it to return to site root...

Thanks for your input on this matter... :D

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