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[vBTube.com] Video Gallery vBTube 5 Lite
by muratmunich
13 Oct 2018 14:34

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vBTube 5 LITE for vBulletin 5

Lite version of the video gallery addon for vBulletin 5.
Switch your vBulletin-Forum to a video online community.
Increase traffic and entertain your users!

Install Instructions:

1. Upload content of /upload directory into your forums root
2. Import vBTube_Product.xml with plugin manager in admincp
3. Click Admincp/vBTube Install (You will see it after refreshing the browser page)
4. Admincp/Usergroups set your permissions for admin and other usergroups
5. Enter Admincp/vBTube Options Forum Url without trailling slash
6. Add categories Admincp/vBTube 5 /vBTube Admin/Categories/Add categories
7. Create with vBulletin Navigation Bar Manager : Navigation one time: Url: ytm.php
Link Attributes: id="ytm_nav"

Start with: ht*p://yoururl.com/forum/ytm.php or click to the created nav button.

Requirements: Only a running vBulletin 5 Forum !

Demo vB5 Lite available here!

Demo vB5 Pro available here!


Priority support at vbtube.com ! :up:

by voyger
13 Oct 2018 15:21

thanks will test will comment later

ringnews24 15 Aug 2019 22:53

Whats the differences between lite and pro?

lordicon2019 02 Sep 2019 17:38

Tried installing on VB5.5.3. Get everything done as instructions but when loading the ytm.php page I get a white page with nothing on screen, Does this mod need updated or did I install wrong? Pretty sure I followed instructions correctly.

What I would really like is a way to connect my youtube channel to the forums completely. Maybe have a subforum per youtube channel and a post inside per video on youtube. Maybe show comments on youtube video as replies to the post on forums.

mk9 05 Sep 2019 15:53

the its not work on 5.5.4

muratmunich 12 Sep 2019 11:52

vBTube 5 is now free software !!


ringnews24 12 Sep 2019 14:37

I installed the software but its not showing up in adminCP

muratmunich 12 Sep 2019 14:44

Reload the page ctrl + F5

ringnews24 12 Sep 2019 14:46


Originally Posted by muratmunich (Post 2600626)
Reload the page ctrl + F5

Its ok now. I uploaded the files to upload folder but nothing happened. I moved files from upload to public_html and its appeared on admin CP now :up:.

ringnews24 12 Sep 2019 14:47

I've just got a grey page https://www.koboxingforum.com/ytm.php

muratmunich 12 Sep 2019 14:56

This topic is only for lite version. Please create a thread here:


muratmunich 16 Sep 2019 12:39

You can download here: https://forum.vbulletin.com/social-g...l-instructions

boss22 16 Sep 2019 15:21


Originally Posted by muratmunich (Post 2600677)

works not

muratmunich 16 Sep 2019 19:55

Download from here:


Subscribe the group

Eng.mohd.badawi 22 Sep 2019 18:05


Originally Posted by muratmunich (Post 2600681)
Download from here:


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is this working on vb5.5.4 cause I followed the exact installation guide here and in the above premium version and still I'm getting white page once accessing it

see here : https://www.ienajah.com/vb/ytm.php

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