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Site banner help
by luggz
06 Oct 2014 04:48


I have searched the forums but I cannot find a good answer to my question about my site banner or a direction show on how to correct this.


The top banner I made gets off set on different types of resolution's and web browsers like the size will not size down and it gets shifted over to one side. on 1920x1080 what I'm using its fine looking. can some one point me in the correct direction please?

Thanks Luggz

Lynne 06 Oct 2014 18:17

You have a 225 pixels wide image and then your banner is 1400 pixels wide. That means it's not all going to show on any browser that is less than 1625 pixels wide (plus margins). You need to make your banner smaller if you want it to show on small screens.

luggz 07 Oct 2014 01:05

What will be the ideal size? and what do you mean by margins? margins being the blank border around the image? like transparent? Sorry

Seven Skins 07 Oct 2014 19:28

you can try these in above_body class

background-size: 100%;


background-position: 225px;

luggz 11 Oct 2014 01:34

I cant not get it to be corrected, I have paypal and will send some cash for the help with this.

ozzy47 11 Oct 2014 01:48

This is not the proper forum to ask for paid requests, you should post that here, http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=30

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