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Grey Madness 2
by imported_Eternale
27 Oct 2002 22:15

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Heh what can i say? i like grey :p

Mod Drop Down
Quick Reply
And alot more

Screen shot= next post

imported_Eternale 27 Oct 2002 22:16

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Screen Shot

LoRDsTaR 28 Oct 2002 05:29

hmm hmm .. could we see the post bit and the header too ?

jed717ph 28 Oct 2002 07:51


This one is great even no colors. I like dark colors and fare colors! I don't like super bright forums. It irritates my Eyes!

BTW, Nice Style.

500 Globes!

imported_Eternale 28 Oct 2002 12:32

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^^Thanks :D^^

Heres the header,

Also the post bit is defualt so no need to take a ss.

Oblivion Knight 28 Oct 2002 13:30

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I'm getting a javascript error at the bottom of the page where it sais "Done" and a problem with a plugin when using this template.. :(

I love the design of the template though, awesome job.

imported_Eternale 28 Oct 2002 14:20

Hmmm Plug in?

Hmmmmmm what the.


imported_Eternale 28 Oct 2002 14:22

Hmm well if it dont work, try it like i do it, upload the style file into the admin directory, then import the style.

It worked for me, wierd.

DR@M W@VR 29 Oct 2002 08:13

i like it alot...but is a bit too similar to one i already using...


imported_Eternale 29 Oct 2002 08:51

Thanks for the Kind Remark, if thats what it was.

Tony G 29 Oct 2002 09:27

Well the color scheme isn't bad, but the forumhome header seems too cluttered for my liking.

imported_Eternale 29 Oct 2002 09:54

Actually it dont, it only looks that way cause of the shout box, trust me.

But thanks the Kind remark agian.

1x1 29 Oct 2002 09:58

thanks.but i think it is too dark.

Tony G 29 Oct 2002 11:03


Originally posted by Eternale
Actually it dont, it only looks that way cause of the shout box, trust me.

But thanks the Kind remark agian.

I think it's like that because you have tables everywhere and nothing is alligned in that top table in forumhome. Gives it a dirty look.

imported_Eternale 29 Oct 2002 13:16

Excactly now image it with out the shout box table, and a different banner(yours)

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