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Posts not displaying but making it into the database
by TJF
11 Aug 2021 02:46

I have a situation where some members make posts, but they don't display immediately after on the page. The posts go into the twilight zone. They are making it into the database because I get all of the posts e-mailed to me. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be annoying. When a second post is made, the post will then display.

What can be causing that? I'm using 3.8.11 with older PHP (5.6.40) and MySQL (5.7.31-cll-lve) versions. I don't have many plugins installed. I changed the Cached Posts Lifespan from 7 days to 0 days a while back, but it didn't completely fix the issue.

snakes1100 14 Aug 2021 11:21

There could be a few possible causes:

Character issue/mismatch, sql is a set to non UTF8 etc

Those forums or users posts are set for moderation.

PhP issue with parsing that page.

TJF 08 Sep 2021 19:17

This seems to be happening most often when it's the first post of a new page. It's not always creating a new page.

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