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how to disable image pic in the first thread if member using qoute
by geevest.com
26 Feb 2009 15:13

hello,how i can disable my first thread (images) because all user can copy my thread image and then paste in to another forum...

Dismounted 27 Feb 2009 13:23

I don't understand what you're trying to do... (if you post your image anywhere on the internet, anyone can get it easily anyway).

geevest.com 27 Feb 2009 16:21

yes i know dismounted.
what i mean in here.

in the first post there is so many picture.
many members that qoute my first post (picture) and then they put in another forums.
so for them it was so easy to copy first post (pciture) to another forum.
because in the first post (pic) they can see the source image link,and then they copy and then they put in to another forum.

how is to make them cant taking any picture of mine so they cant copy too in to another forum.
and probably if he want to copy the pictures they have do the right click so they can knew the source of image.
what i want in here if they do the quote the picture,they just see the full image not the source.

Lynne 27 Feb 2009 16:27

You can't stop them from copying your images. There is a hack to stop users from right-clicking, but then all they have to do is view the page source and get it from there.

Are these images attachments? If so, you can make it so only logged in users can view attachments and if they try to post these attachments (with the link to the images on your site) somehwhere else, they won't be able to see them unless they are also logged onto your site.

geevest.com 27 Feb 2009 16:37

yes i know about that lynne.
but what i want it in here.
if user / member quote the first post they just see images.not source code of image.

Lynne 27 Feb 2009 17:27

Maybe an image of what is happening and what you want to happen would help.

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