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vB5 Events Calendar
by Replicant
07 Nov 2016 02:47

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vB5 lacks a calendar as we all know. The vB4 Calendar system was pretty sophisticated so duplicating it for vB5 would be a serious undertaking. The calendar was not included in vb5 due to low feature use by end users according to the guys at vbulletin. It just wasn't worth the effort based on previous customer experiences. For some of us, the lack of a calendar causes a serious problem. There have been work arounds but they are cumbersome and don't give users the capability of adding events to the calendar without having login info to your gmail account. Building a simpler and stripped down version isn't as difficult as trying to recreate what vb4 had.

As some of you already know, I developed an event calendar for vb5 but never released it. This was due to several reasons like lack of interest at least on my site, limited time, and I had it working based on a proprietary calendar library but the library was announced end of life by the developer. I tried to buy his code base but he wanted too much money for it.

Last week, I wrote a new calendar class from scratch and developed a couple of crude frontend templates for it over the weekend. I'm still adding to the class for new functionality.

Right now, the class spits out a few arrays of info based on the input date (defaults to the current date) and polls the database for events happening in the month of the input date. Over the next couple of months, I want to add more functionality and will be developing the templates and javascript.

Current planned features are:
creating new calendars
adding events
editing events
url links
a basic search
a draggable widget
calendar permissions
creating stylevars to make it easier to cutomize
recurring events
stretching events across multiple days or months
month back and forward buttons
I'm looking for input on the development. I'd like this project to be fully functional but at the same time, keeping it simple. I don't have the kind of time it takes to develop and maintain a full blown calendar program.

Big Kahuna 30 Nov 2016 01:40

Sweet, I'll be watching this thread as I have car web sites and we use to enter the NSS races on one board and Mopar Car races and shows on another.

It would be nice if there was a dragable widget that could be used in Edit Page.

Replicant 30 Nov 2016 04:30


Originally Posted by Big Kahuna (Post 2578910)
It would be nice if there was a dragable widget that could be used in Edit Page.

Yep, the module is already done. Currently working on the backend php and date logic.

caimakale 05 Jan 2017 20:21

Very exciting!

I need something like this for my site. Will this be a paid or free add-on? No qualms here if you charge for it.

Replicant 25 Jan 2017 02:32

This project has been permanently sidelined by the events functionality currently being developed and added to vb5 by the vb developers. A calendar is coming and it will be awesome.....since I do't have to maintain it :).

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