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cagbaazee 12 Sep 2010 13:50

Hi.. I have install it but cannot find where is it in my forum. Can u tell me where it is locate. Thanks

GlowHost.com 12 Sep 2010 14:05


Originally Posted by BadgerDog (Post 2097058)
Installed 1.27 yesterday ...

Submitted a test case (not in their database) by manual submission to StopForumSpam site at that time ....

As of today, it still hasn't appeared ... Wouldn't it be a good idea to have feedback to the manual submitter in the log or on the screen that this action has been accepted by their site etc.?

Second observation ...

Just had my first legitimate spam poster since 1.27 installed. They made one post which appeared as moderated, so I assume your Akismet check got them as I don't have the moderate posts enabled in your in 1.27? Anyway, I selected "delete as spam" and chose to ban the user as well as delete all their posts. When I submitted it, the screen cleared and some strange black (maybe dark gray) screen flashed by, one that has a lot of text on it, however the text was dark against the dark background, so I really couldn't read it except it was an entire screen full of data (looked like a forum display maybe?).

The screen returned to a readable format and I went to check the StopForumSpam site. The name of the user I banned was immediately there as the last name in my spammers listing, so, at least this test seemed to work, but the manual one hasn't so far ..

Hope this helps ...


I suggest using delete posts as spam until version 2 comes out which is a lot slicker than this version.

As for the logs and indication of submission success, it is also in version 2.

sas forum 13 Sep 2010 01:00


Originally Posted by djbaxter (Post 2097049)
You've been wasting your time. If the spammer is already in the rejected logs, then SFS already has them. You've been submitting duplicate information.

I checked with SFS. If they are in there today, and I do not report them, then maybe tomorrow they will have been in there 11 days total (since last reported), with nobody reporting them because they are already in there.

If someone has their spam-o-matic to only go back 10 in the SFS DB, then this spammer would not have given a hit if the last submission was 11 days back (not within the 10 day window). If I had submitted them "yesterday", then they would have got a hit and I could have helped keep one spammer off someone elses site.

Not sure if that make sense, but eventually, if the spammers stop getting reported, based on how far you set the spam-o-matic to go back in the SFS DB, if they are never reported after the ifrst reporting, eventually they will not get a hit for someone. It is actually in everyone's best interest to report them even if they are already in there. This keeps their list up to date so they are still shown as "active".

Hope that made sense above.

sas forum 13 Sep 2010 03:04


Originally Posted by cagbaazee (Post 2097089)
Hi.. I have install it but cannot find where is it in my forum. Can u tell me where it is locate. Thanks

Go to AdminCP / Settings / Options / then scroll through the list and look for Glowhost - Spam-o-matic.

You can also see the logs at AdminCP / Statistics and Logs / Glowhost-Spam-o-matic logs

GlowHost.com 13 Sep 2010 12:43


Originally Posted by VIPER-MAN (Post 2096470)
This is working somewhat but I am encountering the same problem others have mentioned .... it conflicts with the automatic RSS poster ... I have an ADMIN account (News) that automatically posts based on various RSS feeds ... SpamOMatic puts these threads in Moderation mode no matter what I try. The NEWS user has over 3,000 posts and my settings have the cut off at 6 posts so it should not be moderating this user.

My settings:
vBulletin Spam Scanning: Disabled
Akismet: Disabled
Auto-Moderation: Enabled
Min Post Count: 6
Url Count: 0

It should be ignoring the NEWS user and it doesn't -- throws every RSS post in moderation. I've tried all variations with no luck ... any ideas? I don't want to uninstall as it really has curbed the spam registrants!!!

By the way, if someone wants to show me this in action I might be able to find a fix for it faster if it is really an issue with Spam-O-Matic. I cannot duplicate it so if someone wants to let me login to their admincp to see the problem it might lead to an answer sooner. I need to be able to duplicate it in order to fix it.


Is there any way to add an option where all registrations that are denied automatically get submitted to SFS?
As another member mentioned there isn't much point to that, though your followup post makes sense in relation to keeping them active on the SFS list.

However the AIM is to report people who have actually posted spam on your boards, not to report the ones that tried to register using information already found in the SFS DB. That could lead to more false positives then needed especially in regards to IP addresses.


Originally Posted by sas forum (Post 2096973)
...this is a great mod, my favorite and most used for sure. This mod is actually so useful, that I would have paid money to get my hands on it.

Thanks for everything.

You are welcome :) You can still pay money if you like :) A nomination for MOTM would be good, we are starting to trail in the rankings!

Alfa1 15 Sep 2010 14:20

Its nice to see 3 important hacks combined.
Is there any chance to also get:
- minimal registration speed check
- hidden registration fields (that only bots can see)

That would make this complete.

GlowHost.com 15 Sep 2010 14:52

Its possible.

I like the sound of the first one but am not sure how useful the second one would be since the spammers that code the bots are people, and they generally are going to want to see the fields that they are trying to defeat when they program their bots.

If a bot doesn't know what to put in a field, it will be bank, the same as a human who can't see the field. This might also cause accessibility problems for some people who rely on bots like screen-readers to do things for them.

Maybe I missed the concept of the second idea though.

Alfa1 15 Sep 2010 15:53

Many vb boards have mandatory custom profile fields. Spam bots need to fill these in to register. Every board has different custom fields, so spammers have little chance to anticipate. It would be easy to add invisible fields with standard names. If you add a hidden profile field named 'Interests' then chances are that a bot will recognize this and fill it in. There used to be a addon that did this, but cant find it ATM.

Two other suggestion that would make this anti-spam suite complete are:
  • Bad behaviour: http://www.bad-behavior.ioerror.us/d.../how-it-works/
  • Option to disallow disposable email domains from registration. There is a list here. People can easily add the list to the email ban list, but it would be far more useful to have a centrally updated list. (doesnt need to be updated more than once every few months) And most admins do not realize the problems that disposable email addresses pose.
BTW: Many boards are getting a lot of profile spam these days. Does this addon deal with that or is that something that needs an additional solution?

GlowHost.com 15 Sep 2010 16:34

Thanks for the suggestions, it would be good to have a central DB of disable emails, I agree.

This does not deal with profile spam, or blog spam at the moment. Those are planned for a later release. The primary purpose is to block registrations of known-spammers, then moderate the ones that are able to sneak past so that they never get as far as being able to spam in the first place.

Alfa1 15 Sep 2010 21:11


Originally Posted by GlowHost.com (Post 2098676)
then moderate the ones that are able to sneak past so that they never get as far as being able to spam in the first place.

Does that mean that you aim to add cookie based multiple account detection for banned accounts?

This addon works very well: Multiple Account Detection & Prevention
It seems a perfect combination with your addon. (as is vmail)

GlowHost.com 15 Sep 2010 21:40

Probably not. Only people use cookies and spammers are rarely people. The other thing is people can delete cookies.

What I meant was that if they get past the blacklist checks then in the current version if they do anything "spammy" they will generally be caught by auto-moderation and moderated.

In version 2 all new members are placed in a new usergroup which has (configurable) limited permissions. If they make it past X posts they will graduate to the standard registered users group. If they do anything spammy in either group they will be moderated, until they are no longer checked for automatic moderation based on your postcount settings.

Your spammer would have to be a very persistent and bored person to make it to the registered users group and if they are that much of a pain in the butt then banning their IP from your server is always an option. I think it would be a rare day.

Alfa1 15 Sep 2010 22:20

I do use a usergroup for new users, which they can only get out of if they receive 5 reputation points. That does work like a charm. Post count is something that spam bots seem to recognize, as they just start posting like crazy to get more than X posts. That caused me to put it the post count at 50. My staff catches them well before they can make that, as they are there around the clock.

I would expect that same about cookies, but I actually catch a very substantial number of spammers trough cookie. Happens every day.

Even after all of the above (including all of my suggestions and multiple account detection) we still get spammers, that try to circumvent the links block, in various creative ways. All these measures did get rid of 99% of all spam though, so its vital functionality for me.

To get an idea: I get 7.000 registrations attempts per month, of which 4.000 are successful and have confirmed their email and passed all spam checks. I have 3.000 banned members.

maidos 16 Sep 2010 03:44

a suggestion for spammers who already are a memebe on the board, how do you preven them, you know they dont only spam by posting thread but they also spam all members on pm with the llinks so how can this mod prevent further spam

GlowHost.com 16 Sep 2010 17:46

There is not much you can do about existing spammers with this mod. This mod prevents them from getting on the boards in the first place. You should probably install it now to prevent more bad guys from signing up, then start working on your existing spammers using alternative means.

onehost 17 Sep 2010 03:19

here is one.

I have people / spammers registering on my forum...but afterwood disappear
into nothingness, no trace of the members name or anything...

this is what i find in spam matic log:

Venusian Arts PUA Spam-O-Matic Tagged ip - - Spammer Found but allowed

It says it has identified the spammer, but has allowed the spammer.

So i can not find any record of the member in non-validated to registered to banned,
the member record is just no where to be found....

on another signup attempt, I get this one:

No Username Submitted Spam-O-Matic Tagged email - (email) Spammer Found but allowed.

Whats going on?

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