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Alfa1 26 Dec 2008 13:53

Does anyone have this working on vb 3.7.4 or vb 3.8?

SoloX 31 Jan 2009 02:41

some brave coder should pick this project. its such a needed mod.

sub_ubi 31 Jan 2009 11:12

agreed, I need this pretty bad.

corman420 01 Feb 2009 23:40

This would be a great mod for 3.8...

SpankMe 11 Feb 2009 00:43

Working for me on 3.8.1, but I remember making some changes to it a couple of releases ago. Will check to see what I did.

Alfa1 14 Feb 2009 03:18

That would be nice! Please let us know.

SpankMe 21 Feb 2009 04:34

The only changes I've made are ones for vbouncer-clean.php that were suggested earlier in this thread.

abound 05 Mar 2009 06:01

Has anyone compared to this bounce plug-in: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showt...ncer-clean.php ?

I'm trying to decide which to choose, and the other one seems more recent.

DieselMinded 05 Mar 2009 06:40

I would install this for sure if there's a 3.8+ version to come out

DieselMinded 05 Mar 2009 06:46

I want this to Send the user a pm when there email was returned as undeliverable , and on the second instance , not allow the user to do anything until he updates his email address

Barteh 29 Mar 2009 20:10

If I read this right I need shell access to my hosting server to set up vBouncer, correct?
Or is it possible to simply have it interact with the new mailbox as a *client*?

ahmedzbeda 07 May 2009 22:56


unsubscribe them for all threads, and sets them to the "no email" subscription level.
how can i do this .. to all my users .. and to all post.
with a mysql querry without using the hack ..?

bigstar 27 Oct 2009 16:24

I need this for v3.8, does anyone have a updated copy that works that I can install?

Barteh 27 Oct 2009 16:42

Seems to work fine for 3.8.4.

wacnstac 28 Oct 2009 03:23

Yeap needs to be updated to 3.8.4. This is a huge problem.

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