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A.S. BlueCommune
by AlienSector
18 Nov 2004 09:40

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Support is limited though I will do my best to address all issues as they arise and in a timely manor. I ask that instead of using this thread, please direct your support questions to the following forum to keep support queries in line and to prevent users from having to search through posts in a single thread:


Edit: Adding demo link:

Demo of the Intiview Style is now available for those in need:


Simply click on the Demo Link :).

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by Serenity
18 Nov 2004 15:20

nice work :)

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by AlienSector
18 Nov 2004 22:05

Thanks much :), glad you like it! It is a bit different from that of most styles, though I felt a different style was needed.

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by imported_paul
20 Nov 2004 16:51

Is there anyway of making the forum-width a bit bigger?

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by AlienSector
20 Nov 2004 22:51

Sure :) - http://www.aliensector.com/forums/sh...hp?p=37#post37

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by Jolten
22 Nov 2004 05:26


Thank you. All your styles are very professional in appearance and well constructed. Your work is very appreciated.

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by AlienSector
22 Nov 2004 05:56

Not a problem, Scott, glad that all seem to be finding use from the work produced :). The AlienSkin was just re-released for download so be sure to check it out! A few more are in the works, though much of those probably will not be seen until after Thanksgiving passes :).

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by rebelsrock06
24 Nov 2004 03:07

Just wanted to tell you that your work is very good Alien Sector, i love to see it when designers with great skills help out others by making free styles as well :) Kuddos

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by AlienSector
24 Nov 2004 06:44

Thanks much rebel! Everyone seems to be enjoying them thus far and a few more are in development as it stands, just waiting until after Thanksgiving to continue; not been getting too much sleep as of late heh :).

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by imported_Malacia
11 Dec 2004 12:34

Thank you for allowing us to use your great styles for free. : )

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by TheEnd
11 Dec 2004 18:27

EXCELLENT design. A.S has the best styles on these forums. Keep up the great work man! [Installs]

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by The eyes lover
15 Dec 2004 07:43

very beautiful thanx a lot :)

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by Brad
15 Dec 2004 08:19

Good work as always, are you getting back into doing custom work for clients? :)

Good to see you again around the forums again :) ;)

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by Exernon
29 Dec 2004 15:52

One of the simplest yet one of the most elegant vB theme I ever saw! Thumbs up!

Re: A.S. BlueCommune
by VMV
03 Jan 2005 06:11

The common thing about your skins- the skin chooser box is missing :)

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