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[Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by imported_Lostnode
14 Mar 2005 05:30

A am looking for a nice clean gaming style. My Clan plays mostly Counter-Strike Condition Zero, it can be found at http://www.evolutionclan.com. I am looking for either a free skin or a pay skin that might suit this... I have been to many sites and am not sure if I have visted them all... Here are the sites I have been to

Extreme Pixel
And AlienSector

Any other good Free/Pay vB Skin Makers out there?
I like the Alien Sector ones but they are not the Oldstyle Post bit (Like in VB2)

Re: [Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by Allan
14 Mar 2005 19:22

very nice :)

Re: [Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by RMS-Chef
15 Mar 2005 00:20



Re: [Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by b6gm6n
15 Mar 2005 12:01

www.x7x7x7.com - skins the the hardcore/gaming/phuture :D


Re: [Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by wArDoG
24 Mar 2005 19:21

I think the skin you're looking for is at www.bluepearl-design.com

Re: [Request] Looking for Gaming Styles
by Sean James
08 Apr 2005 23:01

I have a gaming skin called Darkness, which i will be releasing very soon.


still bug testing it

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