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Passive Video [Lite]
by Coders Shack
24 Aug 2008 08:36

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. . . . . . . . Brought to you by scriptasy.com

Live Demo:
Passive Video 2.00
Full Version:
Get the full version of Passive Video 2.00 here
Version 2.00 is a major step up from the older versions.

The main difference in 2.00 is the way it works, before PassiveVideo would make the server do all the work. Now 99% of the work is pushed onto the clients machine.

Another major difference is the amount of control Passive Video gives the Admin and User.

Oh and i almost forgot, the embedding is now done with swfObject 2.0 so now you can globally control settings like wmode and it should work in all browsers now.

Admins can now Enable/Disable videos per forum and per usergroup.

Users can now Enable/Disable video embedding too.

Works With:
vBulletin [3.6.X to 3.7.2]
vBlog [1.0.0 to 1.0.3]
vbAdvanced [3.0 RC2]
Passive Video Lite Supported Video Sites:
  1. YouTube v2.00
  2. Google Video v2.00
  3. Yahoo Video v2.00
Passive Video Full Supports Many More Video Sites.
Installation Instructions:
  1. Upload the upload/ directory
  2. Install Product XML
  3. Rebuild Forum Info (AdminCp -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Forum Information)
  4. Enjoy the modification
Upgrade Instructions:
  1. Uninstall the previous version
  2. Delete the files you uploaded
  3. Upload the upload/ directory
  4. Install the new Product XML
  5. Rebuild Forum Info (AdminCp -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Forum Information)
  6. Enjoy the modification
Screen Shots:
these are of Passive Video 2.0 not Passive Video Lite 2.00, so some features may be lacking in the lite version.

Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 08:42

i tried my best to make it flawless any issues please report them here.

to request additional features post them here.

Enjoy (man that took a long time to release :P)

KURTZ 24 Aug 2008 08:42

edit: nvm ... :D

ps. in the package there are only ds.store files is correct?

Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 09:10

damn mac :P

let me get into VMWARE

PAKIDIL 24 Aug 2008 09:22

hello its great . have u added the link in it which i have pvt u ?

iogames 24 Aug 2008 09:22

Welcome back

Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 09:30

updated the lite version.

PAKIDIL 24 Aug 2008 09:37

can you add http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?about...V_Media_Player in to it ?

Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 09:39

feature requests go here: http://scriptasy.com/projectpost.php...typeid=feature

ok I'm gonna go to sleep (its like 2AM), hopefully when i wake up i didn't break the internet.

punchbowl 24 Aug 2008 10:04

Any upgrade issues? great to see dailymotion included

Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 10:09


Originally Posted by punchbowl (Post 1605602)
Any upgrade issues? great to see dailymotion included

keep your eye on the bug page: http://scriptasy.com/project.php?do=...ssuetypeid=bug

wline 24 Aug 2008 11:12

I install this one but is not working?

Subah 24 Aug 2008 12:40

Thanks a lot :)
Why is it VBkig 1.0.5 and vbAdvanced 3.0.1 not included ? :confused:

gopherhockey 24 Aug 2008 15:48

May have already been asked, but I assume if we uninstall the older version (PassiveVid 1.1.2 is what I have) and install this that all older links to videos will still work without any modifications to older posts etc?


Coders Shack 24 Aug 2008 16:53

note: ill make a more detailed post in the future

Ok some video sites like Break.com require more information that what is provided in the basic URL to create an Embed. In order to get this info your server snags it from the video site upon submission of a post or thread or edit.

So previous sites may not work yet, because i haven't added support for them.

One way to fix an old post @ the moment is to re-save it, and that would force the server to re-parse it.

I do plan on adding the ability to support the old URL format of 1.X

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