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BT - VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics [With avatars!]
by BlackThorn
01 Jun 2010 18:20

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BT - VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics (AJAX) + AVATARS

  1. AJAX Forum Statistics:
  2. -Latest Posts
  3. -Latest Forum News
  4. -Most Viewed Threads
  5. -Hottest Threads
  6. -Most Popular Forums
  7. -Latest Classified Ads
  8. -Latest Blog Entries
  9. -Latest Group Posts
  10. -Newest Members
    • Avatar 20x20 px
    • noavatar.gif
  11. -Top Posters
    • Avatar 20x20 px
    • noavatar.gif
  12. -Top Thread Starters
    • Avatar 20x20 px
    • noavatar.gif
  13. -Top Referrers
  14. -Top Reputations
  15. -Top Thanked
  16. -Top Infractions
  17. -Profile Visits
    • Avatar 20x20 px
    • noavatar.gif
  18. -Latest Social Groups
  19. -Latest Donations

This is just showin' users avatar on top stats forum home and misc.php page. But be careful. Because if already you use it, you must uninstall and install again this. If you get an error, then just remove it in your admincp product page and install old version again. And please ain't ask to me for install or error about. Because some version do ain't support this hack but I tested it on vBulletin 4.0.3 version. Well, special thanks very much to Valter for this originally hack, here. If you use and love this hack (probably you gotta love it), please remember to mark as installed here on my main posting. Thank you now and lucky luck!

BlackThorn 01 Jun 2010 18:28

Reserved first posting.

voglermc 01 Jun 2010 19:06

Have it running in 4.0.3 and takes a bit of tweaking but looks good

BlackThorn 01 Jun 2010 19:39

If all you wanna see a demo, then click here ---> http://www.php-vb.com/forum.php

Lucky Luck! ^^

DNDJ 01 Jun 2010 20:39

thanks work great

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