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5.4.0 Console error
by chikuru
23 Mar 2018 18:57

Any idea about this firebug console error and how to fix?

PM Dropdown not detected, skipping init.

PM Chat window not detected, skipping init.

Fileupload: vBulletin.upload.initializePhotoUpload

Fileupload: vBulletin.upload.initializePhotoUpload finished

Securitytoken updated

vBulletin AJAX profile: Before request #0

vBulletin.loadingIndicator.show ajax indicator suppressed

noypiscripter 23 Mar 2018 21:17

Those are not errors and just log messages for informational/debugging purposes only.

Do they cause the page to stop working? If not, there's nothing to worry about.

chikuru 24 Mar 2018 03:58

They caused the Search Dropdown and the User Dropdown in header to stop working.
The dropdown are expanded with broken styling.
This started to happen after upgrade to vb 5.4
Those are the only logs in the Console

Dave 24 Mar 2018 04:00

Generally only console messages that display in red could potentially be causing problems.

noypiscripter 24 Mar 2018 04:31

If the issue also occurs for guests, then post a link to your site so we can take a look. Otherwise, we would need a test account to check.

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