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SaN-DeeP 16 Feb 2016 07:40

I am having serious issues on my forums with photopost.. Need urgent help
We had photopost integrated with vbulletin 3.x and since we upgraded our forums to vbulletin 4.x

Login to gallery has stopped, there are some photos on our gallery which needs immediate deletion.
Can someone help to fix the login issues ?

Trying to contact photopost team since last 10+ days (but my old account registered 10+ years ago appears banned) :/
My old username is now changed to imported_USERNAME
When logged into members area, I can find my 2 licences are expired, I have emailed them but no response for past 10+ days.
I registered using a new account which is still under moderation queue for past 10+ days..

I need to fix the login issues to gallery and delete those photos immediately.
There are many photos and deleting via ftp is become hectic, as there are 3 different versions of each photo, (thumbnail, medium photo, full photo)

RichieBoy67 16 Feb 2016 07:54

Did you install the Vbulletin 4 version of photopost?

SaN-DeeP 16 Feb 2016 10:31

Hello Richie..
No, It completely slipped of mind as we have stopped posting/updating our gallery since years.
But recently, some photos where under vilation reports and hence, wanted to remove those.

Can you possibly send me the vb4 integration file ?

Photopost Staff is not replying and my licenses expired in 2009.

TheLastSuperman 16 Feb 2016 15:57

You need the vB4 product.xml as Richie stated. See if it's available in your downloads, if not then it's time to move on (try the DBTech Gallery some of us mentioned a few posts back).

RichieBoy67 17 Feb 2016 00:16


Originally Posted by SaN-DeeP (Post 2565038)
Hello Richie..
No, It completely slipped of mind as we have stopped posting/updating our gallery since years.
But recently, some photos where under vilation reports and hence, wanted to remove those.

Can you possibly send me the vb4 integration file ?

Photopost Staff is not replying and my licenses expired in 2009.

You will need the entire package for Vb4 I believe so you would need to upgrade.

You may be able to delete those photos through the database or the adminpanel for photo post if you can get in.

Hutchinj 21 Oct 2017 22:56

Here's an interesting update on the whole Photopost image gallery software debacle...

Been a long time user of Photopost PHP Pro but as luck would have it, I accidentally broke it by overwriting some key component on the server. Duh. Of course, I didn't have a full backup.

But in my poking around searching for a solution, I found the support request link on the Photopost website was working so what the heck, I submitted a plea for the latest software upgrade.

Much to my surprise, the next day I heard from "Dave", Photopost Customer Support of All Enthusiast, Inc (at least according to his email) with this reply:
"The latest PhotoPost vBGallery is v3.02 from 2/4/14 and the latest PhotoPost PHP Pro is v8.5 from 7/1/14. PhotoPost is no longer being updated, supported, or sold publicly, as of a few years ago. If you would still like to upgrade, please PayPal $199 to [email protected] and we'll renew your access to download the latest, with the caveat that no support or updates will be provided."
The thought of paying $200 for old software with NO support made me shudder, but I really need it so I asked for a PayPal invoice and paid the fee upon receipt.

A day goes by with no word from them and I discover the link to their Members Area craps out with a 505 error. Concerned, I email Dave asking wassup and he fires back with this:
"... as you seem to have run out of patience with us, I have refunded your $199 payment in full and unfortunately we won’t be able to provide the latest version."
WTF??? With this I'm left with just two possible conclusions. 1) They really don't need the money or 2) it's a scam and I just dodged a bullet! I mean, good grief, selling old software with zero support is kind of a no-risk deal for them, right?

Whatever, just thought y'all might find this interesting. Now I'm searching for other more viable photo gallery software options (DBgallery doesn't do it for me).

Brandon Sheley 23 Oct 2017 00:46


Originally Posted by Hutchinj (Post 2590611)
1) They really don't need the money or 2) it's a scam

Or IDK... they don't have time or resources to support the script, hence why the support is closed. :rolleyes:

If I recall correctly one of the owners had medial issues to attend to butI could be thinking of another script..
You clearly stated you were refunded so why you'd even suggest it's a scam is mind blowing
The site shows how dated the scripts are, showing support for vBulletin 4.02... what's the 4 series on now, like 4.2.5 ish...

It's always nice when humans do a little research before jumping to conclusions and broadcasting their opinions.

cellarius 23 Oct 2017 09:52

It is perfectly obvious that Photopost has been abandoned. Why anyone would want to invest another 200 bucks into that is beyond me; this may resolve an immediate issue, but there's no future in it. Even if it wern't for security issues with a years old script, it will stop working with newer versions of PHP for sure.

The way will be to find an alternative. You don't say why Dragonbyte is not viable for you, but whatever the loss of functionality, it's probably not as bad as running an abandoned script for any length of time.

Also, why you would accuse them of scamming when you got immediately refunded is beyond me.

RichieBoy67 23 Oct 2017 13:12

I do not believe it is a scam but I was a little ticked off that they closed down shortly after they sold it to me with no updates.

We did fix it to work with php 7 and it works fine right now.

There are not really many if any alternatives but the db one that will allow you to import from Photopost. I actually tried it but it just did not import correctly and one of my client sites has almost a million images in a Photopost gallery.. It would be nice to not have to change it seeing as years ago I had to manually mass upload all those images.

At any rate, I do not think it is any kind of a scam. Perhaps he was going to do the updates just for you... I have tried to contact them awhile ago to no avail.

TheLastSuperman 24 Oct 2017 00:15

IF and I mean this is a very big if... If I recall correctly (lol I tend to say that quite often, me being here for so long I 'member things haha!) it was a similar situation as Drive Thru Online products. What I mean by that is, a person can have a great idea, they may not know how to "code" it though so they may pay a developer or hire one to tend to "updates" but if things go south (sour) and the developer is no longer employed or there is a falling out of sorts then the script will also seemingly fall off the face of the planet after a while.

First it was Inferno Technologies (name right? been so long) who made tons of great products but the coder was a teenager, feel off the face of the planet. Next it was vBSEO, there's just too much to list with that fiasco so I'll spare you all my semantics hardy har har! Then it was Drive Thru Online and one or two smaller companies that also seemingly stopped support and making all mods, then it was photopost with good ole' Chuck (I say that with much sarcasm).

So needless to say, while the sites may still be there offering mods with "disclaimers" for their old and outdated products saying you can purchase the "old" version - I would not. Think of it like this, the companies are no longer supporting or continuing development so what happens if it breaks like the OP in question? You want to spend $200 on a broken product that is no longer being developed or supported? Who is doing security updates to all these "older" mods? When you see me state the obvious and follow each with a question mark it means be cautious and be wary.

Careful folks, you may really really "want" something like an older mod but do you truly need it? Want VS Need. Don't forget that there are free scripts and some basic free mods that with a little adjustment/tinkering can accomplish much of the same.

Prince 16 May 2018 18:24


Originally Posted by RichieBoy67 (Post 2590649)
I did fix it to work with php 7 and it works fine right now.

any chance you would be willing to share how you did this?

RichieBoy67 18 May 2018 11:49

Been a very long time. I really can't remember what we did but it was relatively minor.

Silver_2000_)! 12 Jul 2019 22:39

I k now its dead - anyone have recommendations for a stand alone gallery that can import the PPpst images ? I have a family gallery with a couple thousand images - dont really need the users or evern the comments just the images and the way they were organized

SaN-DeeP 31 Jul 2019 11:47

Shit happens with all modifications, some are made on dignity and rest on hatred !!!
I have worked with most developers, since era 0.x of vbulletin..

There are lot of people fortifying growth of software scripts they had been with, (I know most of them still working on vbulletin.)

Photopost lost as it was never able to do SEO optimization when entire community required same.
Till they achieved the same it was malfunctioned and completely obsolete product..

Main Developer (whomsoever, never responded back)..
They failed a very good script, which could have done miracles today on INSTAGRAM specially !!!!!

Zachariah 13 Sep 2019 01:01

I may have to take some time and rip apart my gallery again.
Been so busy doing other things.

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