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Posting problem
by mp3president
03 Jul 2017 05:32

Hi there,

Friend of mine has also started a forum. He installed it, but now when he posts a new topic with a large amount of tekst, and he sends it, there are a lot of lines missing.
It cuts of after 3 lines, and space between the rules.

Every time it does that, and can't get it to work.
Checked everything in ACP, but as far as i can see everything is installed correctly.

Anyone a idea???

Sorry for my english.

(i think it is something with his database but not sure)


link : http://www.deadoralive.biz.ua/showth...-maar-een-keer

Lynne 03 Jul 2017 16:02

What version of the software is he installing? What version of PHP and MySQL are on the server? What is the default collation of the database?

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