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How to empty forums (and reset ids)
by Areku
19 Nov 2010 07:40


we've been testing a few hacks and mods onto a test vb which now can go live.

is there a way to EMPTY posts / users (except the admin) and at the same time "start from scratch" like if the forums were brand new? (ie. first post will get postid=1, threadid=1, second user registered besides admin will get userid=2, etc)?

Just for posts and users. Forums, templates, styles, languages, remain as they're currently.


Lynne 19 Nov 2010 14:52

There is no vbulletin function to do this. You could try deleting them all via vbulletin (users and posts) and then resetting the auto_increment property for the tables in the database. But, if you don't delete everything, and don't reset them all, then you could cause problems. I'd suggest if you are going to do this, you do so on a test site and take notes on what you did so you can do it right on the live site.

Templates/Styles/Languages can all just be exported and then imported to the new site. Forums cannot, unfortunately.

Areku 19 Nov 2010 15:03

What about phpmyadmin? is there a way to reset the forums by executing the "empty" command only certain tables and reset the auto_increment, while running some update counters or whatever?

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