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vBulletin Database Error
by Milance
14 Nov 2019 18:46

I have a problem. I'm getting an error message on the email.

Database error in vBulletin 4.2.4:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT thread.threadid, thread.title, thread.lastpost, thread.forumid, thread.replycount, thread.postusername, thread.postuserid, thread.lastposter, thread.lastposterid, thread.dateline, thread.views, thread.visible, thread.open, user.usergroupid, user.displaygroupid
FROM thread AS thread
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (user.userid = thread.lastposterid)
WHERE NOT ISNULL(thread.threadid) AND thread.visible = '1' AND thread.open!='10' AND thread.forumid NOT IN(3,)
ORDER BY lastpost DESC
LIMIT 0, 15;

MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')
ORDER BY lastpost DESC
LIMIT 0, 15' at line 4
Error Number : 1064

Dave 14 Nov 2019 19:02

Does it say in which PHP script and line number it happens? I tried looking for that SQL query in the default vBulletin 4 files but was unable to find it.

Milance 14 Nov 2019 19:07

Request Date : Thursday, November 14th 2019 @ 07:47:40 PM
Error Date : Thursday, November 14th 2019 @ 07:47:41 PM
Script : http://www.!!!!!/forumdisplay.php?f=16
Referrer :
IP Address :
Username : Neregistrovan
Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
MySQL Version :

x iJailBreak x 16 Nov 2019 00:49

Sounds like a plugin issue - try disabling each product one by one until you figure out which product is causing the issue. It'll help narrow down the issue massively.

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