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shadowbreed 25 Mar 2012 23:40


Originally Posted by ForceHSS (Post 2312682)
So what mysql version did you have


ForceHSS 26 Mar 2012 01:37


Originally Posted by shadowbreed (Post 2313283)

you should not have a problem with that version with this program
so this is what you had before so what do you have now

BryanLong 02 Apr 2012 22:52

Question about Akismet:
Seems to be that Users which are found with too much URL-Count automatically gets posted to Akismet. Seems that I have to find a suitable URL-Count.

In this testing time: Will there be any possibility to report "false-positives", so that the User will not be blocked by Akismet again?

Best regards,

hqlman 03 Apr 2012 00:54


Originally Posted by Syxguns (Post 2312347)
Are you still having the same issue? I was and after a little research I found that if you are running MySQL 5.5 it does not recognize the “Type=MyIsam:” . It was valid for for older versions. Let me show you how I corrected the problem.

Edit: Looking back I see that your problem is not the same as mine was. This will not help you.

Edit: #2
For anyone that has a Database error that looks like the following example this is how I corrected it.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Each item marked in red needs to be removed from the XML file. Leave the rest of the statement including the semi-colons. It is located 3 times so be sure to remove the test in red. The line should look like this:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

That may get it working for you. It worked for me when I made the change. Good Luck!

Works perfectly, thanks a lot :)

Dave234 03 Apr 2012 03:26

Can someone please help me to install this on my vbulletin 4 site?

I am stuck on steps 2.2 and 2.3

These are the instructions:

/************************** 2. INSTALLATION ****************************/

Make sure to remove the following file before installing version 2

2.2. Upload content of the upload folder into you forum root folder


2.3. Import product-glowhostspamomatic.xml into products (Located
AdminCP -> Plugin System -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product)

/************************** 3. SETTINGS ********************************/

3.1. You can edit plug-in options at: AdminCP -> Settings -> Options ->

GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic

3.2. You can edit plug-in messages at: AdminCP -> Languages & Phrases ->

Phrase Manager -> Search Variable Name for 'glowhostspamomatic'

/************************** 4. ACTIONS *********************************/

A) Located @ Edit user profile
B) If you have you API keys (set in settings) -
you will be able
to submit user details to StopForumSpam.com and Akismet databases simply
Delete a post as spam and ban the user to submit them if you have these
options enabled.

4.2. Get API key for Akismet
and enter it in settings. After this edit
your usergroups and you will
see the option to "Filter posts with Akismet".
Only check groups with
untrusted users (i.e. Unregistered / Not Logged In,
Registered Users).

Syxguns 03 Apr 2012 03:47

You have already removed the previous XML file? The next step requires FTP access to your server. Just change the name of your upload folder to the name of your forums folder. Drop the upload folder after the name is changed into the primary folder that holds your forums folder.

Primary Directory - drop it here
Forum folder

Someone else should not be granted access to your server!

Dave234 03 Apr 2012 04:00

I never downloaded the first Spam-O-Matic, so I doubt it's in there. Unless it came with vbulletin?

I have FTP access.

What is the name of my forums folder? I have so many folders. Is it the "Includes" folder? That has a folder in it called "XML" which has other items in it.

However my "install" folder also has a folder called "includes". But that one does not have an "XML" folder in it.

This stuff is so confusing.

And I'm worried about trying anything because I don't want to ruin my vbulletin.

I know I should back it up, but vbulletin apparently got rid of the "Backup Database" button in the admincp. I have no idea how to back up the vbulletin. Can you explain it to me, as if you were explaining it to a 2-year-old? Because that's really my level of understanding with this.

Stryker412 03 Apr 2012 04:11

Can someone offer advice on how to handle this? I have spammers registering and posting blogs but not on the forums. How can I ban them and have their blogs deleted?

Syxguns 03 Apr 2012 04:50

1 Attachment(s)

The folders you are naming are withing the primary forum directory. Your structure should look similar to this one that I kind of made up!! I figured a picture might help. Notice the following:

1) The top folder is the primary folder that holds the forums and or other items that you may have like shopping carts and so forth.

2) The second folder is the vB folder for your forums. It may not be called forum, mine is not, but that folder is where all of vB resides.

3) All the folders under the second folder are vB folders for the forum. You may have some mods on your forum and they will show up as well.

So by telling you to rename the Upload folder to the name of your forum folder you would be looking at the second one in the picture. However, you will drop the folder onto the 1st folder. The first folder is the ROOT of the forum.

Hope that helps.

Backups of the Database are generally done through PHPMyAdmin: https://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/...myadmin_backup

Syxguns 03 Apr 2012 04:59


Originally Posted by Stryker412 (Post 2316255)
Can someone offer advice on how to handle this? I have spammers registering and posting blogs but not on the forums. How can I ban them and have their blogs deleted?

This is handled through permissions. Do not allow guest to post, and do not allow new members to post on blogs until they reach a desired number of posts on the forum. Or you can set it so that all new members posts are moderated before they are displayed.

Now Spam-O-Matic will remove a lot of stuff for you, but you have to make other preventative measures against problems like that. I don't allow guest to post, leave guest messages, leave messages on blogs, and new members I have set to have a minimum of 5 moderated posts before they become a registered user. Then they have a lot more freedom.

Dave234 03 Apr 2012 05:18

I really, really appreciate you laying it all out simply like that. This stuff is very complicated for me.

In my FTP program, however, I can only see the Forum folder (actually mine is labled "/") and then the folders beneath that (admincp, etc). I cannot see the primary folder (the one you labeled "My Primary Directory")

By the way, I can put a shopping cart in that folder, too? Like if I want to have an online store? I guess I can get back to that question later.

Do I really need to backup my files and everything? My webhost says they do that every 24 hours. Is there any reason to also do it through vbulletin?

To backup my vbulletin, do I need to download phpMyAdmin? http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php

My God, this stuff is confusing.

Syxguns 03 Apr 2012 05:37

I may be able to offer you a little more assistance. I suggest having PHPMyAdmin because it gives you a direct link to the database. However, that is another totally different tool to learn how to use, and without a full understanding of database and the structure of a database, I would not mess with it for now.

So you did not point your forum to a primary folder? That is okay there is another way to do everything, just ignore what I told you in the threads above. It takes a little longer to transfer, because you transfer items individually.

As far as shopping carts, yes you can add them however, most of them are not great. I'm speaking with a designer and trying to get a nice cart integrated into vB4. That's another topic. I tell you what send me a PM. The rest of this I can help you with away from the thread.

ForceHSS 03 Apr 2012 13:20


Originally Posted by Stryker412 (Post 2316255)
Can someone offer advice on how to handle this? I have spammers registering and posting blogs but not on the forums. How can I ban them and have their blogs deleted?

change permissions of the normal reg user group so they cant post at all in the blog then make a new user group and set it to transfer them to the new group after so many posts

DannyITR 03 Apr 2012 13:43

There are always some posts that cannot be approved. It's soooooo annoying. 1 every few days.

tony 06 Apr 2012 17:47

Is anyone else finding that spam-o-matic isn't stopping a spammer based on their email address?

I check the settings for StopForumSpam: Email Check is enable. But the description for this option says "Test the email address against the ban list" Does this mean it's only checking the ban list and not on stop forum spam?

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