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Disable newbie PM until X number of posts
by RedFive
20 Nov 2006 20:46


I've recently installed the MonkeyStop Keyword and URL Moderation mod and I'm impressed. It's a great help in catching rogue posts even in the middle of threads.

Anyway, I was wondering whether something similar is available to stop users being able to use the PM facility for X number of posts (or some other timeframe).

Recently we've been getting people complaining of getting those old "Nigeria scams" via PM.

Is there anything out there to combat this sort of thing?

Many thanks,

Red ;-)

bashy 23 Nov 2006 20:08

you can do this with Usergroups and promotions, vb default :)

Nathan2006 24 Nov 2006 01:24

Try this hack :)

Can't Use Private Messages Before X posts

Its for version 3.54 but I am still using it on 3.64 :D

And it works a treat ;)

RedFive 25 Nov 2006 16:39

Thanks. I'll try the plugin out. ;-)

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