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Of Age Wizards (Harry Potter Site)
by Mysterious Ride
31 Oct 2009 02:22

Just looking for some feedback. Its a Harry Potter RPG site. Just looking to see you guys think of it. I've actually gotten better at doing some things.

Of Age Wizards

Mysterious Ride 03 Nov 2009 17:12

No one with any reviews about my site. Would love to hear some feedback.

Lianelli 03 Nov 2009 17:48

Mysterious, don't be so anxious to get responses... you will eventually get some.

Allow me to give you some pointers:

-I don't know, but the name doesn't sound right. Of Age is really weird.

-The left column is a nice addition and makes surfing to deeper parts of your site quick and easy.

-All the 'darkness' or you site isn't really inviting to me, but may really attract users in your niche. Overall, bright sites perform better.

-You have a LOT of forums. Try to merge some. It's better to have 5 forums with 100 topics in them than 25 forums with 10 posts in them.

-Keep your site active, everyday. The most recent posts show 1 post from today, other's from 31-10 which is 3 days ago. People don't like dead forums.

-Really like your forum status icons.

Hope that helps. If you want some clarification or anything, let me know!


Mysterious Ride 03 Nov 2009 18:54

:P Sorry. I'm usually patient, but really wanted to know what some people think.

Well the site is mostly revolved around wizarding world outside of Hogwarts. Even though we still have Hogwarts. And when you an of age wizards that means your allowed to use magic outside of school. Which is close to when you graduate at seventeen. But I've been thinking about changing the name to something different.

Yeah, I like trying to make things easier. I used the navigation on the side and the navibar to make it easy to jump forums.

I think your right about that, but I really liked the stars. Makes it seem magical, but the skin isn't completely done. I was going to add some more color to it and maybe just leave the background the stars.

I know. But there's a lot of things that I didn't want to combine together. I try to keep things in a certain organized way, but I'll look over some things and see if more should be condensed. And some places only have a few threads now, but I know there will be more in the future.

I'll try to do that more. Its been a little dead lately, but I've been working on a lot of stuff to make it better. Really is new about this. I didn't no anything about coding before I got this vB board. :P

Thanks so much for the pointers. I really do appreciate it.


Rickeo 09 Nov 2009 15:52

I actually love the stars

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