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vBulletin/MySQL question
by Ttinia
05 Apr 2019 07:55


We have someone installing vBulletin onto our site and I received this message from her:

"If I use a PC based program like MySql console I can't connect to the
MySQL.xxx.org server from any domain but FutureQuest. The
instructions received mentioned this: "NOTE: A commonly made
mistake is to try to telnet directly to the MySQL server. You need to
telnet to your domain account and from there use the above command to log
in to MySQL" That restriction applies to all access of
MySQL.xxx.org not just to telnet sessions. My domain account is
either axxx.org or vxxx.net so in either case attempts to log into
MySQL.xxx.org from those domains will be refused.
Anyway I'm learning as I go along."

Will that difficulty she has encountered affect the future operation of the vBulletin? I suspect that the answer this is right before me but I am so clueless when it comes to MySQL, that I wouldn't know it if it fell on my head. My hope is that I will be able to admin the board and so it really need it to be as stupid-proof as possible. Any assistance will render me forever grateful.


TheLastSuperman 08 Apr 2019 22:54

This is more a setup/how the person doing the work goes about connecting to install vBulletin i.e. some use Cpanel and the browser interface and others the command line option via ssh - it seems they were simply confused by the instructions. No worries as this shouldn't be an issue again once they realize how this works - in other words it's one hurdle they shouldn't have to jump over again ;).

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