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Active Members
by Graphic-Forums
09 Dec 2001 18:22

I looked threw the released hack section, and I'm wondering if there is a hack that will show active members. Say I have 25 active members and 100 members that post once then leave. At the top of my site it would say:

25 Active Members | 125 Members | 300 Threads | 1000 Posts

Get it?

Maybe the active member thing could be rated on how long its been since the user has posted. A user that hasnt posted in a month would be considered a inactive member..

amykhar 09 Dec 2001 20:01

That's actually built into the stats hack.


Graphic-Forums 09 Dec 2001 22:47

Well, what code do I add to my forumindex page to make it show active members? And is their a hack that shows the above info on a non vb page? (I've already searched for it).

I don't mean active members as online eather.

Re: Active Members
by Dark Blaze
10 Dec 2001 04:32

Graphic-Forums do you mean like top posters or a hack that changes the Activity persentage depending on how long its been since the user last posted?

Graphic-Forums 11 Dec 2001 01:12

Activity Percentage.. like www.graphic-forums.com/stats.php
The % of active users...

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