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titter 09 Jul 2007 00:57

so hows goes the project daw?

R.Solutions 09 Jul 2007 12:37

Aweseome, cant wait til this is released. Seems pretty cool and ideal for automotive/motorcycle forums etc.

dawmd 10 Jul 2007 01:18

titter, started working on the image functions after i finished up the timeslip section, slowly but surely its all starting to come together. i was stuck for a bit cause uploading wasnt working on my dev setup, apparently you cant nest a mutlipart form inside a normal form. all sorted out and working just gotta get the order and mechanics of everything working in easy to use interface

titter 10 Jul 2007 01:23

very good to hear.

Rocket 442 10 Jul 2007 03:26

Great news, and keep us updated as you are!

I can't wait for this to come out!

Silent Knight 11 Jul 2007 02:54

I just upgraded from phpBB to vB, and I was hoping to find something to replace my old garage in phpBB, can't wait for this!

dawmd 14 Jul 2007 01:22

got images working the way i like them to, no fancy ajax tho, but URL linking and upload to database is working wonderfully.

also added some more permissions/checks you can now setup users/usergroups to:
allow/disallow use of the comment system
allow/disallow use of the garage (members cant put their cars in the garage)
allow/disallow use of the garage entirely (if user is disallowed they cant access any garage features, even viewing other garages)
allow/disallow use of images (global disable of images, URL and uploaded)
allow/disallow image upload to database (URL linking is allowed)
allow/disallow use of images on vehicles, modifications, timeslips and dynocharts

thumbnail creation is working for the database stored images, remote linked images are just resized via html (width=100) dont want to put any extra strain on the server by fetching and reprocessing linked image files, should i add another field so you can link to a thumbnail? or just keep it with the HTML resize (this will suck for large remote linked images if user isnt on broadband as the full image gets downloaded even tho it looks small)

R.Solutions 14 Jul 2007 07:39

Perhaps another field, give the 56krs an option.

But great job, cant wait for this, something im waiting on for.

OFFSHORE DAN 14 Jul 2007 22:16

Any word on release?

Rocket 442 15 Jul 2007 21:57


Originally Posted by OFFSHORE DAN (Post 1291133)
Any word on release?

I believe he's just working on it as he gets time, so it would be hard to say when. But don't worry, we're all waiting :p

dawmd 16 Jul 2007 00:32

heh ill use the good ole phrase 'it will be done when its done' yeah im working on it when i get a chance, it sucks but when i dont have time i dont have time. but dont worry it will be released, just no set deadline

ok, ive been messing with vB's builtin uploader/image classes and ive got a custom class all setup and working, and currently how this way of doing it, it creates thumbnails based on the attachment thumbnail settings and stores the thumbnail and uploaded image in the database. and for remote linked images, it stores a thumbnail only and the url to the image that way we avoid confusing people with an additional inputbox for a url thumbnail image.

any opinions?

man using vB's uploader/image class took a bit to figure out seeing as its another horribly/un-documented feature, but it works pretty smoothly and has a ton of built in error handling and checks that i dont have to worry about writing myself.

revamped the permissions a bit, here are the following per usergroup options:


Can use vBGarage Advanced? (Allows user to have their own garage.)
Can view vBGarage Advanced? (Allows user to view other user garages.)
Can comment on vehicles?
How many vehicles can a user have in their garage? (default is 3)
Can user upload images? (Allows user to upload images, which are stored in the database, otherwise only URL links will be accepted.)
Can attach images to vehicles? (Allows user to attach images to a vehicle.)
How many images can a user have per vehicle? (default is 5)
Can attach images to modifications? (Allows user to attach a image to modifications.)
How many images can a user have per modification? (default is 1)
Can attach a image to timeslips?(Allows user to attach a image of their timeslip a run.)
Can attach a image to dyno run?(Allows user to attach a image of the dynograph to a run.)

titter 18 Jul 2007 19:03

Sounds good so far. Glad this is moving along so well.

SVTCobraLTD 20 Jul 2007 17:59

vBGarage work with 3.6.7 yet?


Rocket 442 20 Jul 2007 18:50


Originally Posted by SVTCobraLTD (Post 1296729)
vBGarage work with 3.6.7 yet?


I'd read the thread, chances are that can answer your question.

FreshFroot 24 Jul 2007 23:30

Seems pretty good, I'll refer this hack to a friend of mines, who runs a car forum. Good hack ;)

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