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Backlink Basics
by th13rteen
23 May 2008 00:07

This is a short guide to backlinks. Hopefully after reading this you'll know a bit about it.

What is a backlink?

Its basically your link on another site. Like I put your link on my site. That's a backlink.

Why are backlinks important?

1. Gives you some traffic.
2. Help increase the PR of your site

The quality backlinks!

Quality backlinks are the sites that link to you and have the same topic/subject as your site. And it has a high or a better PR than you.

How to build backlinks?

1. By asking the site owner to put your link up.
2. Commenting on blogs.
3. Posting on forums and having your link in the signature


Before building backlinks make sure that the site doesn't have NOFOLLOW. Just check for this tag, rel="NoFollow". Like should say <a href="www.mysiterocks.com" rel="NoFollow" />.

If that site has NOFOLLOW then don't waste your time there. Its not worth it. NoFollow means that the site is telling the search engine to not pass on the PR.

That's it for now. Feel free to ask questions.

Originally written for www.whooked.com - Source: http://www.whooked.com/seo/2959-intro-backlinks.html

spaceČ 12 Oct 2008 16:07

well...very basic;)
And who cares about pagerank?

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