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iTrader v2.8 - Powerful Rating System
by entertain
03 Jan 2010 16:21

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iTrader 2.8
Click here for a version for vBulletin 3

This modification offers you a rating system for trades which are made on your board. As it is an advantage of the rating system on ebay, this gives your users some secureness.


I added vBulletin 4 support for this modification because Nexus (vbenhancer) announced that he won't do this in the next time. He gave me the permissions to release it here. Thank you!

Please do not contact vbenhancer for support! He is not responsible for this version.


The installation is as easy as abc. You only have to upload the files and import the product in your vBulletin admincp.

Also updating this modification (including this from vB3) isn't very difficult. Only overwrite all files and the product in your vBulletin admincp.

Attachment 113970
Rate a trader/seller

Attachment 115760
iTrader Profile

Attachment 115759
iTrader Main Page

Attachment 113973
iTrader Profile Tab

Known issues:

Feature requests:

- microCLASSIFIEDS/AUCTIONS integration (?)
- latest threads of a selected forum on itrader main page

* Implemented in upcoming release

Release History
Cick here

- German by Andre31

Please DONATE for further releases!

entertain 03 Jan 2010 16:37

Release History:

Release Candidate 1:
[FIX] template rewrites
[NEW] URL check included
[OPTIMIZED] code optimizations

Release Candidate 2:
[FIX] Wrong usernames in contact info
[FIX] Ratings in Postbit: Link is clickable, but not colored
[REMOVED] Trader Ratings in Members List: Own column isn't working
No way to get this work any more
[NEW] "Rate" button in the first post of a trade thread (has to be activated in the settings. It is disabled after installing/updating)

Release Candidate 3:
[FIX] navbar menu isn't displayed correctly in IE
[FIX] "Rate Trade" button is shown even if the user has no permissions to rate others
[FIX] wrong example urls above url entry when submitting a new feedback
[FIX] "Rate Trade" button was renamed to "Rate Seller"
[NEW] automatically add the url when clicking on "Rate Trade" button
[NEW] added PHP 5.2 compatibility (untested)

[FIX] Profile tab is now working

2.5.1 (vBulletin 4.0.1)
[FIX] Profile tab isn't working with vB 4.0.1
[FIX] hardcoded phrases in navbar menu
[NEW] "Submit feedback for XXX" in profile tab
[NEW] URL check enhancements

2.5.2 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] Profile tab issues
[FIX] A few design issues

2.6.0 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] Page Title on Submit Feedback Page
[FIX] Page Title on Options Page
[FIX] Options Page Templates not cached
[FIX] Typo 'bocksubhead' in Template "memberinfo_block_cat_itrader_stats"
[FIX] Invalid User Message - now there is a login
[FIX] Main Page - Wrong Rating Counts
[FIX] Design Enhancements
[FIX] Feedback Score Memberlist Issues
[FIX] Feedback Score Postbit Issues
[NEW] Completely redesigned Search Pages
[NEW] Optimized Layout of Submit Feedback/Answer Page

2.6.1 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] specialtemplates added - might prevent some bugs
[FIX] Queries optimized for boards with slave servers
[FIX] Template for Feedback Stats in Postbit wasn't cached
[FIX] German Phrase on Submit Feedback Page
[NEW] Redesigned Feedback Bits

[OPTIMIZED] Design Enhancements
[OPTIMIZED] Code Cleanings
[OPTIMIZED] iTrader Profile Tabs replacing "normal" links
[OPTIMIZED] Rewritten Postbit Feedback Score (Simplier Editing by templates)
[NEW] Hide URL Input Option

[FIX] Feedback Score: Missing </vb:if>

[OPTIMIZED] Rate Trade Button - Check "Valid Forums Only" setting instead of Feedback Score forums
[NEW] Navbar Links - Permission Check

[NEW] Main Page Redesigned
[NEW] User Page Redesigned
[NEW] Feedback Page Redesigned
[NEW] Sidebars
[NEW] Search Username Suggestions

2.7.1 (internal release)

[OPTIMIZED] Speed optimizations by index changes
[NEW] Select stats displayed on the main page
[NEW] Setting to display rate trade button in all posts
[NEW] "Not rated yet" message on itrader user page
[NEW] Own iTrader vBulletin Tab
[FIX] Moderator/Admin Rating Change Error
[FIX] User Avatars
[FIX] "Your iTrader Profile" phrase hardcoded

[FIX] vBulletin >4.0.4 guest issues
[FIX] Add {vb:raw headinclude_bottom} to prevent custom style issues
[FIX] Installation T_STRING error
[FIX] itrader_rate_trade uncached
[FIX] iTrader Options Page Issues
[FIX] Left for others issues on itrader page

[FIX] Main Page: Words Seller, Buyer and Trader were mixed up
[FIX] User Page: Different Feedback Counters were not displayed

[FIX] Report Rating: Wrong URL in PM
[FIX] iTrader Details: Database Error as Guest
[FIX] Added 'itrader_total' index to user table to minimize query loads
[FIX] Cache 'itrader_membertab_css' template
[NEW] Restructured Settings
[NEW] AdminCP: iTrader Settings Link in Navigation

[FIX] Wrong path to IP graphic
[FIX] Editor issues (vBulletin 4.1.4)

- vBulletin StyleVars
- Differentiation between Rate Seller and Rate Buyer
- Show feedback score in private messages
- Threads for reported ratings
- Redesign Pages
- Clean-ups in PHP Code
- Clean-ups in Templates
- Clean-ups in Product

[PLANNED][NEW] Speed optimization for itrader main page (in big forums)

MattZ DSLR 03 Jan 2010 16:46

thank you this is great mod

askeroglu 03 Jan 2010 16:49

What does exactly this mod do? Does it enable to sell something for the forum members?

entertain 03 Jan 2010 16:57

Maybe you can take a look here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=230543

When you are running a market area on your board where users deal with goods, the users can rate each other for the trades and so on. It's like the rating system on ebay.

yahooooh 03 Jan 2010 17:40

thank you for updating

abdobasha2004 03 Jan 2010 18:17

good mod

Kolbi 03 Jan 2010 20:17

Thank you!

Wird es eine deutsche Übersetzung von dir geben?

Wo sind die Vorteile gegenüber microCLASSIFIEDS (General Classifieds) außer dem Bewertungssystem?

entertain 03 Jan 2010 21:03


No, I am not translating this modification into German. It's a matter of time. :(

microCLASSIFIEDS and iTrader are two completely different mods:
With the one you can sell your products and iTrader just consists of the rating system. The deals with iTrader are made via pm or threads.

Kolbi 03 Jan 2010 21:11


Originally Posted by entertain (Post 1946317)

No, I am not translating this modification into German. It's a matter of time. :(

Can a previous translation be imported? Does a translation exists? :)

entertain 03 Jan 2010 21:14

yes this may work, but I don't know if there is one. :o

TrailRecon 03 Jan 2010 21:15

Thank you for this!! Was waiting for it!

Clicked installed!!

messengermatt 03 Jan 2010 21:25

I wont install this until its guaranteed to work because the known issues are the most important features of iTrader.

Tagged for future consideration.

BlackJacket 03 Jan 2010 22:03

This would be awesome if we could implement this to work with microClassifieds/Auction

Thanks for the update.

Kolbi 03 Jan 2010 22:08


Originally Posted by NittoMOD (Post 1946381)
This would be awesome if we could implement this to work with microClassifieds/Auction

Thanks for the update.

That could be great!

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